My top 10 reads of 2012

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Been a very hard choice picking my favourite 10 book of 2012. Not surprisingly a lot of them featured as my Book of the month over the year.

However, here they are (in no particular order) …….


Lesley Pearse – The Promise


Packed full of emotion, fabulous descriptive and detailed writing particularly around the war. If like me the ending of Belle left you wanting more, The Promise certainly does deliver, bringing together a new ending and finally closing Belle’s story however bumpy her journey is getting there. This book had me gripped, crying in places and a falling in love with a certain someone all over again!!

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Amanda Jennings – Sworn Secrets


Wow what a book and even more impressive with it being a debut novel.

Brilliantly written, very gripping, emotional and heartbreaking. You’re plunged straight into the story on page one, this is not a slow burner of a novel. The writing style reminds me very much of Rosamund Lupton and I really believe that anyone that enjoyed Sister or Afterwards will love this book too.

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Sworn Secret


Gabrielle Kimm – Courtesan’s lover


 Yet again Gabrielle has written another novel that is gripping, full of plot twisting pages, slightly sinister but packed full of romance (most not in the traditional way!). I adored this book, from the moment I opened the first chapter I was hooked.

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Louise Douglas – In Her Shadow


I waited with huge expectation for this book as I was such a fan of The Secrets Between Us and I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed one bit.  As with Louise’s last book, there is a chilling feel to the book and an uncertainty of what will happen next. Beautifully written and powerful descriptive passages

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Via Amazon uk In her Shadow


SJ Watson – Before I go to Sleep


Wow … what a story. Once of the few that I have read cover to cover in a day and late into the night. Whilst I had seen many people praise this book, I hadn’t actually read anyone’s review of it so had no idea what to expect so when i friend at work lent it to me at work and said “you’ve got to read it” I took it. I’m so glad I did. Brilliantly put together, creepy, thought-provoking and totally unexpected.

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before I go to Sleep


Carole Matthews – With love at Christmas


I have to say this has been so far my favourite of all Carole’s books, it is so real. You join a ‘normal’ family in their normal lives and just watch as the stresses of the festive period unravel with all the other things people have to contend with on a daily basis.

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With Love at Christmas


Carol E Wyer – Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines


What a fantastic, addictive novel Carol has brilliantly written. I sat down on Sunday morning to read this and never left the sofa until Sunday evening as I closed the book! A wonderfully different way of writing a book. You really get to know Amanda and travel with her on her highs, lows and mid menopausal panics in life!

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Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines 


Christina Courtenay – The Silent Touch of Shadows


Christina always writes very strong leading men in her books as well as leading ladies. You just know that they are strong, gorgeous and somewhat more mysterious than you first thought. This is just one of the many things that gets me excited about reading her books and keen to keep turning the pages until you reach the final one.

To read my full review

The Silent Touch of Shadows


Steven Manchester – Twelve Months


This has to be one the most emotional books I have ever read, not just because of what the story is about but the brilliance and compassionate way in which the Author tells the story and build the characters. Written with so much thought, love and emotion, this is a book that really makes you sit back and think and evaluate your own life.

To read my full review

Twelve Months


The Girl you Left Behind – JoJo Moyles

 girl u


 What a wonderful book, heart breaking, emotional and gripping read. Jojo has again written a book that will have you staying up until the early hours as you just have to see what happens next. Extremely well written and will totally engage you.

 To read my full review

The Girl you Left Behind




4 responses to “My top 10 reads of 2012

  1. Well I’ve read three of those, so I have to likey! 🙂 xx

  2. I am so proud that you have chosen Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines. Thank you very much indeed. As soon as I get home I shall be yelling about this from the rooftops. (next to Santa’s sleigh!)

  3. Wow – thank you, Louise. I’m so delighted to be included in your top 10. Actually, that’s an understatement. I’m over the moon. Many thanks indeed and very glad you enjoyed Sworn Secret.

  4. Some lovely reads there, Lou.

    Happy Christmas

    DizzyC x

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