My Top 10 reads of 2011

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1st Place!

 Belle – Lesley Pearse

This book blew me away. I read it cover to cover, nearly 600 pages in one weekend. Lesley has an amazing ability to write about a subject that is so shocking that really you should put the book down yet you are so desperate to see Belle survive and have faith that something good will happen next (which isn’t always the case!). A rollercoaster of emotions.


Then in no partictular order as they are all five Star reads to me!

 Full of elegant French chic, fabulous locations and the most beautiful perfumes this book will has you turning each page with lots of unexpected twists and turns from the very start. You can’t help but fall in love with some of the characters! If you love sophistication and sexy leading men, you will adore this book just like me.

  Heaven Scent


This book is very funny and yet moving in parts. Evie is a character that you can really relate to. You want to will her to succeed but can’t help laughing at the silly things that happen as you know if could so easily be something that could happen to you. Molly has introduced a character that is so engaging and I was thrilled to know that Evie adventures will continue. A great debut novel.

It Happened in Paris


Lots of emotion that will have you turning the pages (probably with a cake in your hand!) and holding your breath. Think Bridget Jones meets Nigella Lawson, this really is a fantastic book and I can’t recommend it enough.

Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes


What a fantastic read! Originally inspired by a Robert Browning poem, His Last Duchess. Gabrielle has written a tragic yet very passionate story full of betrayal and twisting plots. everything you’d expect from a Historical novel.

His Last Duchess


I truly believe Mandy has written her best novel so far with Strings Attached.  This book has it all, humour, glitz and glamour and an ending you just don’t see coming!   ‘a plot twist straight out of Dallas!’ This really is a fantastic book and I am certain that everyone that reads it will not be  disappointed!

Strings Attached


I adored this book. I love anything that involves a Master of the house and the downstairs staff. I was hooked from the very first chapter and was engulfed into the sadness of each event as it unfolded. Pauline hints of things that are to come but I found myself desperately wanting to know what happened next. This is a love story but is not a simple one and things are not easy for anyone. 

Satchfield Hall


I purchased this as an ebook as I saw lots of people talking about it on twitter and not being one who likes to be left out I wanted to see what it was all about. I’m so glad I did buy it as I was really gripped by this story.  This is more than a love story, it really is a historical adventure on the high seas as well! Beautifully written and with a real fast pace to it. (Loved the sequel Highland Storms as well!)

Trade Winds


 Beautifullwritten a fantastic and fascinating insight into the early year for Marie Antoinette and Louis. Knowing very little about them both, I was amazed that she wasn’t the spoilt silly socialite that i thought she was. Juliet really captures the relationship between Louis and Marie Antoinette as well as the deep bond she had with her siblings. Very descriptive as well that you can really believe  that  you can smell what is going on etc! I certainly will be reading the other two in the series as they are released. 

Becoming Marie Antoinette


I loved this story. I adored the relationship of the Father with his family from the very first chapter. As I read the book I couldn’t help but feel whilst this was a story it was so easily likely to be  happening to a family somewhere. There is huge honesty in what Sue writes and she fills the pages with humour even at the most emotional of time. Sue explores a number of tough subjects with compassion and clearly a lot of research. I’m not ashamed to admit, I had tears rolling down my face from this book. Sometime tears of happiness as well as sadness.

Dear Dee


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