Louise loved …..


This is my new feature for 2013.

This will replace my book of the month as sometimes there is more than one book I have loved in a month and I felt restricted to the 1st of the month to praise a book that I feel should stand out. 

 My Louise loved goes too …….


Defending Jacob by William Landay

Defending Jacob
by William Landay

click cover for my full review and links to Amazon

This book has it all, fantastic plot, many surprises and brilliantly written. There are very few books that hook you on page one and when that happens, you know you are onto something wonderful, something that will make you want to read into the early hours of the morning or if you wake in the night, sneak a few chapters in… that is exactly what happened to me with Defending Jacob.



Katherine’s life is not an easy life despite becoming Queen of England so young and the Author has expertly captured the emotion and pain whilst still describing life at Court with all its grandeur, rivalry and plotting!




I am so glad that I did read this as it was a brilliantly written, easy and a very enjoyable read. Elements of humour, sorrow and twists all packed into the 400 pages. Throw in a attractive, ex City type single man trying to raise a baby on his own, you know you are onto a winner!




2 responses to “Louise loved …..

  1. I like the look of Defending Jacob and will take a peek at this. Love the cover of The Forbidden Queen.

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