Books of the Month – 2012


January – Lesley Pearse

Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month? 

Well that is really easy for me to answer .. Belle was my favourite book of 2011 and I jumped at the chance to read an advanced copy of sequel The Promise when Lesley asked if I’d like to. I adore the way in which Lesley can capture the attention of her readers right from page 1 of her books and keep you turning the pages as you get sucked into the story! 

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 February – Gabrielle Kimm

Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

At the end of 2011 I was talking with my good friend, Sue Uden about a book she was reading, His Last Duchess and how much she was enjoying it. I realised that I purchased this book a few months back so decided to give it a try and I loved it. As a huge fan of historical fiction I was gripped (you can read my review on this blog). It was only natural that I would then rush to buy Gabrielle’s next book, The Courtesan’s Lover and I have to say I loved it even more than His Last Duchess, which I didn’t think possible!

Also .. being the Month with Valentine’s Day – seems the perfect time to feature it!!

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March – Elizabeth Buchan

Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

 When I decided to have a Book of the Month it was for a couple of reason, the obvious being that I wanted to help support Authors of books that I adored last year and show my thanks to them by promoting their latest book. But also, to try new Authors that I hadn’t read before as in this case with Elizabeth Buchan. I was delighted when I received an email from the Publisher’s Michael Joseph at Penguin asking if I would consider reviewing this book. It seemed a perfect time what with Mother’s day coming up this month to feature a book called Daughters!

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April – Carole Matthews

Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

When looking for something for April, I wanted to select something that would cheer me up, just like the coming of Spring does to me and I knew without a doubt the latest Carole Matthews would do exactly that. Whilst the paperback is not available until 24th May (Kindle and Hardback are now available!) I don’t want to be that (April) fool and not include this book in this years Books of the Month!

Summer Daydreams

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MAY – Sasha Wagstaff

Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

There are a couple of Authors that I used to read before I started my blog and joined Twitter that I absolutely adored and Sasha is one of those two. Her books remind me of a young and modern version of Jackie Collins. She always has the fabulous locations, the passion and the gorgeous leading Men and Ladies. All Sasha’s books hook me in straight away and make me miss big chunks of my day because I have my head stuck in the book!

Sasha Wagstaff Books

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June – Molly Hopkins


Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

2011 great year for new Authors and no more so than Molly Hopkins with her release of It happened in Paris and the introduction of the leading character Evie. I loved Evie and her crazy ways and was soooo excited when I read she would be coming back in future books – they will all be a must for me going forward!

July – Christina Courtenay

Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

I think I have now read all of Christina’s books and I knew that I couldn’t have this feature on my blog without featuring her latest book.  I lTove her style of writing, the historical connections and descriptive details of location. I’m a huge fan of her work!

The Silent Touch of Shadows

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August – Louise Douglas


Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

Last year I read The Secrets Between Us also written by Louise Douglas and I was captivated by her style of writing and how she hooks the reader straight away with a plot that you just don’t really know where it is going and how it will end. I love a book that makes you think and you can’t guess what is going to happen and that is exactly what I get from the books that Louise writes. In her Shadows is exactly like this too.

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Via Amazon uk In her Shadow



September – Amanda Jennings



Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

As August approached, I had my book of the month in place and settled down to read a few books from my pile before starting to look for September’s book of the month. I picked up Sworn Secret, a book by a new Author that i had been sent by Constable & Robinson. I was blown away by how fantastic it was. What I am most delighted about is that this book was unexpected and not what I had planned for this months main feature, but so good it made me move things around as I knew I just had to have it for September.

To read my full review –

Via Amazon uk – Sworn Secret


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