20140411-220836.jpgThe Judas Scar is the second book written by Amanda Jennings and published by Cutting Edge Press.

Will and Harmony’s seemingly idyllic marriage is left shattered after she loses a baby she didn’t realise she wanted. While at a friend’s party, she raises the subject of trying again, and Will s reaction leaves her hurt and confused. Removing herself from the crowd, she encounters an enigmatic stranger whose advances she rejects, only to later discover that the handsome man is Will’s childhood friend from boarding school, Luke. When Will, struggling to confront the culture of bullying that marred his childhood, reveals a secret too painful for her to bear, Harmony is left caught between the husband she loves and the promises made by an obsessive stranger.

This is the second book that I have read by Amanda Jennings and I have to say I am spellbound by her writing. This book is no exception and again I couldn’t put it down and read it cover to cover over one weekend.

There is nothing light and fluffy about Amanda’s writing, the characters are deep and have personalities that you either love or hate, but you respect them despite this. Within the Judas Scar you warm so much to Will and Harmony. They appear to have it all to start with, but sadly nothing is ever as it seems, especially when Luke appears on the scene. The subject matter of bullying is one that will always capture the reader attention, some can relate and some just can’t believe so much could stay hidden for so long, but you certainly know that’s how life was particularly when we were children. The book opens and wham, you are straight in the thick of the story. It’s dark, a very grown up read, full of twists and unexpected turns, emotional and is a flipping fantastic book – I couldn’t put down … an absolute stonker of a read and I was left feeling gob smacked!

I loved the way the book was written from a male point of view. In female fiction that doesn’t happen a lot and this book is so much richer for it. Will had so much hidden deep down and with Luke appearing on the scene it brought it all back to the surface. Harmony also didn’t have the perfect childhood but for many different reason. I’m reluctant to say too much about the story as I don’t want to give anything away … all I can say is, it’s a MUST read. You won’t be disappointed .. I promise! Also, read the Authors notes at the end, it explains how the concept of the story came about, that always fascinates me.

 Published on 1st May 2014 and available via amazon Judas Scar, The 




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