Christmas Yves – NICOLA MAY

046 Christmas Yves cover November2013#1.indd  Christmas Yves is a self published Novella by Nicola May

It’s two days before Christmas – and Evie Harris finds herself both manless and jobless. After a chance encounter with handsome Greg (and egged on by her toy-boy-eating friend, Bea) she agrees to work at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day.

Striking up an unlikely friendship with homeless Yves, Evie  begins an unwitting journey of spiritual awakening, all set against the sparkling winter backdrop of London landmarks.

A New Year’s Eve revelation is on its way . . .  but will it leave Evie with a happy heart, or will she allow the pre-Christmas past to dictate her future?

Not really sure where to start with this book. Firstly, it is a novella of about 80 pages which is something that I don’t normally read. However, I have read a few of Nicola May’s books in the past and have enjoyed them every much. Rich story telling, engaging characters and roller coasters of emotions, all of which made me want to pick up this ebook and again all of the above are words I would use to describe Christmas Yves (and so much more!)

All I can say is …. flipping heck, I wasn’t expecting to feel what I did by the final word. I have to be extremely careful that I do not give too much way as this may take the magic of this book away from you.

Evie is such a brilliant character that you can warm too. The story is fun, funny, emotional and engaging all at once. with it only being a novella, you skip through the pages without noticing you are reaching the end so quickly. Nicola really has written a thought-provoking book that is so cleverly put together.

If you read no other Christmas book this year due to not having  a lot of time, may I stress/recommend/encourage you to download this. You will not be disappointed – I suggest you have tissues at the ready!

Available via Amazon UK Christmas Yves


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3 responses to “Christmas Yves – NICOLA MAY

  1. booketta

    I have this one on my Kindle TBR. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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