Hold on to Hope – JEAN FULLERTON

hope Hold on for Hope by Jean Fullerton and published by Orion Books.

Kate Ellis learnt the hard way that falling in love with the wrong man could be your undoing. It was nine years ago that she fell for the charms of Freddie Ellis, only to discover his criminal ways. With her husband in prison, Kate has fought hard to give her two children everything they could need.

But now Freddie is back and threatens to destroy everything she has worked for. Captain Jonathan Quinn has resigned from the army after the needless death of too many of his men. But when his father disowns him and his fiancée breaks their engagement, Jonathan finds himself in desperate need of work. Accepting a friend’s proposal of acting as headmaster at a local school, Jonathan is determined to leave the army behind and turn his life around.

When Kate and Jonathan’s paths cross, the attraction is instant. But with Kate still a married woman, they know it can never be. As Kate grows more distant, Jonathan finds solace in the arms of another woman, and Kate is left to wonder if she will ever find true love again.

I’ve read a couple of Jean Fullerton’s books now and I really do like the style in which she writes. I love the East end of london references and all the detailed descriptions of the times and areas.

The Author writes a strong leading ladies and always an attractive man, but there is never a simple romance. Kate is no exception to the rule in this book. The struggles that the families face seem totally real to the times they are set in and therefore makes the book seem more real. Say son the back of the book, a real page turner of which I have to agree!

Without hesitation I would read other works by this Author.

Available via Amazon UK Hold on to Hope

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