Breathless – LOUISE MARLEY

breathless  Breathless is written and self publish by Louise Marley.

 Someone in Port Rell has a secret. A secret they would kill to protect.

Nothing ever happens in the seaside village of Port Rell, which is why Lainey Jennings is so keen to leave it. She’s only twenty-four, there’s so much more she wants to do with her life. Crazy and outlandish things; like ice diving in Alaska, explore the underwater caves in Mexico, maybe even search for the lost city of Atlantis. Stay in Port Rell forever? Talk about purgatory!

Since the death of her father, she’s struggled to keep the family diving business from bankruptcy. There’s just one thing that keeps her going. Her dream that one day she’ll discover the lost wreck that her father was so obsessed with, the legendary Mary Eliza – responsible for destroying Port Rell almost four hundred years ago.

When an old, unknown wreck is discovered in the bay, sleepy Port Rell is under siege once more. This time it’s the media, including a team from the Wreck Raiders TV show, led by handsome archaeologist Zac Nelson. The villagers are quick to cash in on their unexpected popularity. But ancient wrecks aren’t the only thing waiting to be discovered in Port Rell.

Because someone in Port Rell has a secret.

This is I think the fourth Louise Marley book I have read and I must admit it’s the only time I ever get my kindle out (really not a fan of ebooks) but for Louise’s books I make an exception. I always know that I will get a book that I will enjoy with lots going on and an easy virtual page turner. I like the style in which Louise writes, to me it flows well and is very easy to read. don’t be fooled by the cover that this is a ‘Chit lit’ type read, it doesn;t give the substance and gritty read it deserves.

The story takes off very quickly and you are not halfway through the book before anything happens. All about ship wrecks and good-looking chaps who aren’t all what they seem!!

Available via Amazon uk Breathless

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