Taking the Fall – A P McCoy

ap Taking the Fall is written by British Jockey A P McCoy and published by Orion Books

Duncan Claymore could have it all. He’s one of the country’s up and coming young jockeys and this season his sights are set on getting right to the top. He has the talent and the tenacity, but he also has his demons, and it’s these that threaten to overthrow his burning ambition.

Duncan was taught everything he knows by his father, Charlie, a former trainer whose career and reputation were destroyed when a series of bitter rivalries got out of hand. It ruined him and Charlie hasn’t been able to set foot on a racecourse since.

Now, with his father’s health rapidly declining, Duncan is desperate to beat the best and at the same time take down the men responsible for Charlie’s ruin. But can he do both or must he choose between his family and his future?

I was a little excited when I saw this book come up as a recommendation on LoveReading as I follow AP McCoy on twitter and I’ve been lucky enough to have won a couple of £’s on the horses when I have backed him (talking pocket-money not invest in future money!!) The interest in the horse world stems from reading Jilly Cooper novels as a 20 something!

I think this is AP McCoy’s first novel and it certainly is a very enjoyable read. It titles its self as a thriller, I’m not sure I totally agree with that description but it certainly is an engaging read. Strong characters which I am sure the Jockey/Breeding community have been reading and second guessing who is who!! … the story is very believable and keeps you interested until the last pages.

Packed full of sex, violence, competitiveness and manipulation which i think will certainly be enjoyed by both male and female readers.

Available via amazon Taking the Fall

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