Through it All – KRISTYN LEWIS

throughThrough it All is the debut novel by Kristyn Lewis and published by Sphere.

Waverly Brown is the anchor that keeps her tight circle of friends together. Loyal and generous with her time, she would do anything for Kate and Amy but she can’t bring herself to tell even her best friends the truth about her bakery and her increasing debt. She’s so consumed with her own worries that she almost misses what is right in front of her; something is wrong with Amy, terribly wrong.

Try as they might to reach out, Waverly and Kate can’t make Amy open up to them. She refuses to admit there’s anything wrong but Waverly is convinced Amy is in trouble and she’s terrified. Can Waverly convince her friend to save herself before it’s too late?

I am a bit puzzled what to write about this book. My overall impression is that I enjoyed it. The first few pages got me sucked in and I enjoyed the ending very much, unfortunately I started to get a bit fed up with everyone’s woe’s in the middle.

I think that the author tackled the subject matter of Amy’s problems really well and with great insight and compassion. I believe some of Amy’s reactions are truly what some women would do, doesn’t make it right, but an honest reflection on how someone in her position would react.

The three main ladies in the book were all strong characters in their own right, I just didn’t really warm to any of them. I’d be interested to see what the Authors next book is like.

available via Amazon UK Through It All


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