queen The Red Queen is the second book in the Cousin’s War series written by Philippa Gregory and published by Simon & Schuster.

The Red Queen tells the story of the child-bride of Edmund Tudor, who, although
widowed in her early teens, uses her determination of character and wily
plotting to infiltrate the house of York under the guise of loyal friend and
servant, undermine the support for Richard III and ultimately ensure that her
only son, Henry Tudor, triumphs as King of England. Through collaboration with
the dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret agrees a betrothal between Henry
and Elizabeth’s daughter, thereby uniting the families and resolving the Cousins
War once and for all by founding of the Tudor dynasty.

Now anyone that follows my blog regularly will know what a huge passion I have for historical novels and like most people am fascinated with anything even loosely connected to the Tudor times.

I think I have read nearly all of this Authors books in past and have adored them and for some reason this series sat on my shelves just waiting to be read. With great excitement I decided to start these books. I thought that I would find half a Sunday missing whilst I was deeply engrossed in it like in previous books. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. I am not sure why not, whether it was just that I couldn’t warm to Margaret Beaufort or that I felt that the story just didn’t have the same pace that I have come to expect from a Philippa Gregory novel. I was left very disappointed with this book.

The author is a great story-teller and she clearly knows her facts. It is very apparent that a huge amount of reasearch has taken place before the pages reach our door, just sadly this book didn’t hold my attention and keep me from wanting to put it down. I will complete the series and i am sure many that read this review will think, crumbs, I loved that book! That’s the good thing about there being so many books out there, something for everyone. It would be dull if we all thought every book was a 5* read!

This book is available via amazon UK The Red Queen

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  1. Louise, you can always be counted upon to deliver a perceptive and honest review. I have enjoyed every one of Philippa Gregory’s books and will give this one a go too. Your review has piqued my curiosity!

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