Secrets from the Past – BARBARA TAYLOR BRADFORD

Serest from the Past is written by Barbara Taylor Bradford and published  secretsby Harper Collins.

Moving from the romance of Venice to the riot-filled streets of Libya, Secrets From The Past is a story of secrets, survival and love in its many guises.

Thirty-year old Serena Stone is a war photographer who has followed in her famous father’s footsteps. But after eight years, the danger and adrenaline rush take their toll. When her legendary father dies unexpectedly, she steps away from the war zone to reassess her life.

Serena begins to write her father’s biography but then is suddenly asked to go to Venice to look after her former lover and colleague, Zachary North, who has come out of the Afghan battlefields suffering from mental and physical exhaustion. As part of his recovery, they start working together to tackle her father’s huge legacy of iconic photographs. In one collection of previously unseen images of Venice, Serena stumbles across pictures that threaten to turn her world upside down…

In search of the truth about her father, her family and her own life, Serena traces the secrets of the past in a quest to understand a story from decades earlier.

As a teenager I wasn’t much of a reader and this continued well into my 20’s and early 30’s so there are very few books at this time that I bothered to read. What i did stumble upon was Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Woman of Substance and I adored it. I was hooked and then in turn enjoyed over the years many of this Authors saga’s.

When Secrets from the Past arrived at my door I was rather excited and couldn’t wait to start it. Unfortunately, this book just didn’t hold my attention. As you would expect from the author, the book is extremely well written and obviously well researched, but i just couldn’t warm to the characters and just wasn’t bothered if things turned out good or bad. I felt the storyline was a bit bland and obvious.

My recommendation if you have never read a book by this author is to Start with either the Emma Harte Saga’s or The Ravenscar Trilogy as they really show how brilliant this Author can be. having said that, i am certain that many will have loved this book, it just wasn’t for me this time.

This book is available via amazon uk Secrets from the Past

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