Kids Corner By Jessica M Graham – (Short story) The Daydreamer.


Another new feature for my blog which will include reviews from my daughter Jessica or little stories she’s like to share with you all.

1st being a story she has written


The Daydreamer

By Jessica Mary Graham aged 10 ½


“Jessica, Jessica” my Mummy nagged from the bottom of the stairs. “JESSICA, come on its Monday so you know what that means …. it’s time to get up and ready for school.” ”Come on Jess , you need to go and feed the cats and rabbits. But be careful Jessica.”

“But be careful Jessica, one false move and you’ll be the one being fed to those tigers” the cautious zoo keeper said as his eyes pierced through my fragile body. All I could see in front of me was the large familiar arena and hear the deafening shouts and chants of the impatient crowd.  I took a deep breath and entered the arena. I felt my heart racing and heard the crowd roar. “We want the Tiger, We want the Tiger.”

The strong heavy metal drawbridge collapsed and out rose the biggest, bulkiest, bravest Tiger who ever lived. I felt like just running for my life, but I knew that the beast would only kill me faster. There was no way out and there was no way back. The only way of surviving was winning against death himself. With great care, I stepped forwards and the game began.

For the first ten minutes we rotated clockwise around the arena waiting for each other to strike. Suddenly, the tiger looked away, yes there was my chance. Without thinking I bounded forwards with my metal dagger at hand. But the Tiger was fast and it leaped out of the way, leaving me stumbling  onto the floor. But as I tried to get up, the Tiger was upon me. “What am I supposed to do? “

“I know” as I stretched to grab my dagger once more, but the tiger saw me and flicked it away with its tail.

“NO”, I screamed, “help, help, somebody please”. But everyone kept cheering


The only thing to do was to wait for it to attack. I knew any second it would be game over for me.  I quickly closed my eyes, the crowd screamed as I heard a mighty loud …… meow …..

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on my bedroom floor with three hungry cats surrounding me. I was so confused, where was the Tiger and arena? What has just happened to me? Was I safe?

As I lifted up my head from the floor I was so relieved to see the safety of my room and I could hear my Mummy footsteps on the plush carpet in the hall as she came into my room, “uh ho … I just remembered, I didn’t feed the animals.” I whispered to myself.

 “Not daydreaming again? “  she sighted, “come on then”  as she helped me up. “You do the Rabbits and I’ll do the cats… AGAIN!”


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7 responses to “Kids Corner By Jessica M Graham – (Short story) The Daydreamer.

  1. Fantastic story. Loved the literary style and the plot. Look forward to reading more from Jess x

  2. Amanda Nason

    That story is amazing! You’re a star Jessica Graham no wonder your mummy is so very proud : ))

  3. Hi, has Jessica entered the Radio 2 500 words story competition? 🙂

  4. Sasha Wagstaff



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