The School Gates – NICOLA MAY

school  The School Gates by Nicola May.

At 3.10 pm every weekday, parents gather at Featherstone Primary to collect their children. For a special few, the friendships forged at the school gates will see them through lives filled with drama, secrets and sorrows.

When Yummy Mummy Alana reveals the identity of her love-child’s father, she doesn’t expect the consequences to be quite so extreme. Ex Czech au pair Earth Mummy Dana finds happiness in her secret side-line, but really all she longs for is another child. Slummy Mummy Brenda’s wife-beating husband leads her down a path she never thought possible, and Super Mummy Joan has to cope when life deals her a devastating blow. And what of Gay Daddy Gordon? Will he be able to juggle parenthood and cope with his broken heart at the same time?

I have to be honest, this is the first book by this author that I have read. I have seen many wonderful 5* reviews for her previous books, but sadly I never quite got to read any. I was delighted to be asked to review books for the Festival of Romance 2012 and this was one of the books to feature in the selection. Not only was it entered but also won!

As the synopsis states,  this book is all about the lives of 5 families that all attend the same school and meet at the gates every weekday. The one thing they have in common is that they have children that attend the same school. Here ends the similarities of each of these mothers and fathers.

Straight away you get caught up in the lives of each of the families, whether it is the mother and her daily struggles, the father and his complex work/home life balance. As you read on, each family has its own problems, not that you would know if you were at the School Gates…  Paint on a smile and hide your troubles!

 Nicola has written a wonderful and very engaging novel with lots of plot twists that you don’t see coming. There are many humourous elements to it but also a lot of emotion and turmoil. It is not a light chicklit in the general sence but a book with some substance and very much something that will hook you in. I was totally engrossed in the each of their little worlds and how they all interconnect in surprising ways. For me, there were a lot of characters and I was confused a couple of times who was who, but that says more about me than the quality of the writing and I certainly won’t be taking any stars away for that!

An excellent contemporary read and has now certainly made me want to read more by this author.

Available on Amazon UK as an ebook and paperback The School Gates


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3 responses to “The School Gates – NICOLA MAY

  1. sherylbrowne

    I was at the FoR and I must say I can see from your review why this won. Haven’t read it yet, but I will now! Thanks, Lou! Well done, Nicola! Yay! 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks Sheryl, what a lovely thing to say xx

  3. dot

    Enjoyed this one too!

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