New Book Launch – Don’t tell the Groom – ANNA BELL

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Tuesday 8th January 2013
see the release of self published Author Anna Bell’s 3rd Novel
Don’t Tell the Groom





Bride-to-be Penny discovers that she’s lost £10,000 of wedding savings playing online bingo. So that she doesn’t have to reveal her gambling secret, she convinces her fiancé Mark that they should have a Don’t Tell the Groom themed wedding. Penny then has to plan a wedding fit for a princess on a shoestring budget. But, by the time she discovers that the true meaning of marriage isn’t a Vera Wang wedding dress or Jimmy Choos, will she still have a groom to marry?

My Review

I haven’t been reading many ChickLit novel recently for a couple of reason. Firstly they are not the sort of books that I have been sent in the post for a while and secondly, I had developed a dislike for my kindle and therefore any ebook that sat on it. The paperbacks I had on the shelf always seemed more appealing to me that getting out the faceless/lifeless ebook reader. There is not logic to my sudden dislike to it and I’m so grateful to Anna for this book as I was so engrossed in the story (an ebook on my dreaded kindle) that I never even noticed I was using it!

This is the second book of Anna’s that I read and I love her quirky comical style of writing. The leading lady, Penny is so endearing and lovable despite all her errors and misjudgments, you can’t help but love her!

Anna has the ability to write an easy, breezy novel that you can pick up and get lost in as it flows so well and the story line is fresh and fun. I think I said in my review of Millie’s American Wedding (the other Anna Bell book I have read) that I could so easily see the book as a film I’d see with the girls at the cinema and Don’t Tell the Groom is exactly the same.

Don’t get me wrong,  there is emotion, great characters but it is what I would call perfect Chicklit. I highly recommended this book if this is your prefered genre. Also, love the cover, not that you get to see that as an eBook (another reason I went off eBooks before!!)

Available via Amazon UK Don’t Tell the Groom 

If you’d like to read my review of Millie and the American Wedding click here

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One response to “New Book Launch – Don’t tell the Groom – ANNA BELL

  1. sherylbrowne

    I love the title! FAB review, Anna! WhoooOOT! Lou, I’m glad you have made a sort of peace with your Kindle. There are some little gems out there! 🙂 xx

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