Louise loved ….. Defending Jacob by William Landay


So … welcome to my new feature for 2013. This will replace my book of the month as sometimes there is more than one book I have loved in a month and I felt restricted to the 1st of the month to praise a book that I feel should stand out. Anyway … first Louise loved goes too …….



When a teenaged boy is discovered stabbed to death in the woods adjoining the local high school, a wave of shock ripples through the suburban community of Newton, outside of Boston. Assistant district attorney Andy Barber is used to dealing with murder and its after-effects, but with his own son, Jacob, also a student at the school, he too is anxious for a swift arrest and conviction.
But as the kids appear to be stonewalling the cops and the investigation stalls, evidence emerges that ties Jacob to the crime – and suddenly Andy faces a very different challenge: preventing his son from being convicted of murder.
Together with his wife, Laurie, the family closes ranks in the midst of an increasingly hostile community as Andy prepares for the trial of his life, the one trial he cannot afford to lose. Especially when the emergence of his own dark family secrets threatens to undermine Jacob’s defence. And as the drama reaches its climax, Andy and Laurie have to face every parent’s toughest questions: how well do you really know your own child, and how far would you go to save them?
So why did I love it?
This book has it all, fantastic plot, many surprises and brilliantly written. There are very few books that hook you on page one and when that happens, you know you are onto something wonderful, something that will make you want to read into the early hours of the morning or if you wake in the night, sneak a few chapters in… that is exactly what happened to me with Defending Jacob.
I don’t often read courtroom books/thrillers but this has certainly wet my appetite for this genre.
Written in a narrated format from the Fathers perspective telling you all about that frightful day when the world changed for his family. I particularly loved the court transcript parts that gives you a hint of what is to come. I very much warmed to the Father and liked his character very much, you really get to understand him.
I need to be careful what I write as I certainly do not want to give anything away, I will just tell you there is so much more to this book than you will first expect and right to the final word on the final page it will grip you .. you have my word!
If I was to grade this .. it would have to be A+
Defending Jacob is available in Hardback or Kindle via Amazon Defending Jacob
Will be available in the UK as a paperback on 14th Feb 2013 and published by Orion. Would like to say a huge thank you to www.lovereading.co.uk  for sending me this copy to review.


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7 responses to “Louise loved ….. Defending Jacob by William Landay

  1. Am going to put this on my to buy list. I enjoy a good courtroom drama! Try John Grisham, he is the master of legal thrillers. I love him! 🙂

  2. Love your new feature Lou. Brilliant idea lovely x

  3. This sounds like an amazing read! It reminds me of Saving Max – the story of a young autistic boy who was institutionalized because of his behaviour issues and while there was wrongfully accused of murder.

  4. I read this too and thought it was amazing.

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