The Secret She Kept – AMELIA CARR

secret The Secret She Kept by Amelia Carr and published by Headline review.

Fearless Felicity Penrose thrives on adventure: she’s one of the most experienced female sailors in the world. But one day, in the middle of the 1950s, her boat is found abandoned. drifting off the Cornish coast. Fliss has mysteriously vanished, tragically leaving behind her husband and baby daughter, Emma.

Thirty years later, Emma’s world is rocked when she is approached by journalist Mike Bond with an extraordinary revelation: that Fliss was seen in America after she was presumed drowned.

As Emma delves into her mother’s past, she begins to unravel a tale of deep, abiding love, loyal friendship and a disastrous misunderstanding. And the rest of her family are thrown into turmoil. For Fliss is not the only one with secrets long-concealed…

This is a story set over two generation bringing to you both a Mother and daughters world as you turn into each new chapter. How can love be so painful to live without?

I couldn’t quite decide when I started the book is Fliss was a selfish, self-centred woman only looking out for her own happiness or if there was more to her character, of course,  I won’t be telling what I decided. You have to read the book to find out for yourself! There are some great characters in this book and some that will definitely surprise you, sister Maggie and Mike stood out for me.

Brilliantly written with lots of emotion and with twists and some very unexpected turns that really make you gasp. A wonderful but tragic love story that will hold your attention from the very first pages right up to the the truly wonderful ending.

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2 responses to “The Secret She Kept – AMELIA CARR

  1. I will obviously need my tissue box nearby for this one. Thanks for another excellent review and best wishes for the holidays to you and yours, Lou!

  2. sherylbrowne

    Another fab review with just the right amount of intrigue, Lou. Thank you! Have a lovely Christmas! 🙂 xx

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