The confidant is written by Helene Gremillion and published by Gallic Books

I have always thought that secrets must die with thos who have harboured them … but to you, I must tell everything…..

I got a letter one day, a long letter that wasn’t signed.’ Camille reads this narration of events from pre-war France, certain that it has been sent to her by mistake. Then more letters start to arrive – They tell of a friendship struck up between a young village girl, Annie, and Madame M, a bourgeois lady. To begin with the women simply share a love of art, but when Annie offers to carry a child for her infertile friend, their lives become intimately entwined. The child is born on the eve of the German invasion of France, and the repercussions of her birth are still felt decades later.

Set in 1970’s Paris and also…

This book has been transleted from French into English. Set in 1970’s, however, it jumps around a lot from then and to the 1930’s and 1940’s. Added to that, the font of the text changed dependant upon the time period you were in. I thought this would be of help, however, the constant time change and font changed really made this a struggle for me to read. I think that maybe I just didn’t quite connect with the story and was often confused (very easily done!). I have since read other reviews of this novel and many have given it 5* and highly praised it. Sadly, it just wasn’t for me.

I liked teh way that this book was written through the letters explaning the past, I thought that was very clever. The ending of the story was a great ending with a lovely twist, but I can’t help thinking I might have missed the signs of what was to come thoughout the book.

This is what I would call a foreign sophisticated read and maybe just a little bit about my ability!



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3 responses to “The Confidant – HELENE GREMILLION

  1. Hi Lou, my review is scheduled for next Monday. Love your honesty. As we’ve said before we are all unique and have our own preferences. It would be boring if we all liked and raved about the same thing 😉 x

  2. mesetageresenfranglais

    I really enjoyed this book, one of my favorite this year.

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