The Girl you Left Behind – JOJO MOYES

What happened to the girl you left behind?

In 1916 French artist Edouard Lefevre leaves his wife Sophie to fight at the Front. When her town falls into German hands, his portrait of Sophie stirs the heart of the local Kommandant and causes her to risk everything – her family, reputation and life – in the hope of seeing her true love one last time.

Nearly a century later and Sophie’s portrait is given to Liv by her young husband shortly before his sudden death. Its beauty speaks of their short life together, but when the painting’s dark and passion-torn history is revealed, Liv discovers that the first spark of love she has felt since she lost him is threatened…

In The Girl You Left Behind two young women, separated by a century, are united in their determination to fight for the thing they love most – whatever the cost.

This book is set in two halves. The first being in France during WW1. Sophia is left struggling to support her sister and her family whilst both their husbands have gone off to war. With the Germans occupying their small village, life is extremely tough and complicated. All she has of her husband is a portrait that he has painted of her.

The second half of the book joins us nearly 100 years later on and we follow Liv’s live as she struggles to come to terms with the sudden death of her husband. All she has is the painting he gave her on her honeymoon. This one painting connects the ladies so unexpectedly.

What a wonderful book, heart breaking, emotional and gripping read. Jojo has again written a book that will have you staying up until the early hours as you just have to see what happens next. Extremely well written and will totally engage you. I found the first half of the book so emotional and I was briefly disappointed when we skipped to the present day. However, one chapter in, I was as hooked as I was with the first part. A brilliant book and I one not to be missed.

You can buy a copy via Amazon uk The Girl you Left Behind



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7 responses to “The Girl you Left Behind – JOJO MOYES

  1. Sounds totally intriguing and I hear it’s climbing the charts: Huge congrats to JoJo and thank to Lou on posting a fab review!

  2. WOW sounds like a great book! I will need to pick up a copy! Thanks for the review!

  3. This sounds like my kind of story, Lou. Thanks for introducing this book and author to me!

  4. Great. How about linking in to Books You Loved: October? Have a great week!

  5. mesetageresenfranglais

    I enjoyed this book too. Did you read any others from Jojo Moyes? I’ve read me before you and silver bay.

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