Briefs Encountered – JULIAN CLARY

Briefs Encountered is written my Comedian and Author Julian Clary and published by Ebury Press

Whoever said the afterlife would be easy?
Noel Coward is the toast of twenties society….. A brilliant playwright, composer and entertainer whose witty songs and pithy lines don’t quite tell the full story. Goldenhurst, his house in Kent, England, provides a place where he can be himself and more importantly where he can be with his lover, Jack, without fear of arrest or judgement….
But their romantic idyll is ruined, first by the arrival of Noel’s demanding relatives and then a mysterious death…

Many years later, film star and Coward fan Richard Stent buys the house from its current owner. But Richard has problems of his own. Goldenhurst is supposed to be a respite from all is worries but this is a house with a very rich and not always pleasant history and more than one thing is about to go bump in the night…
A haunting tale of love, obsession and a house full of spirits, not all of them blithe…

I’ve never read any of the previous books written by Julian Clary and so I turned to the first page with open eyes.

This is story is written about two Gay actors in two-time periods. Set in the present day you meet Richard Stent as he purchases a run down house that is on the market by no other than Julian Clary! The other part of the story starts the 1920’s when Noel Coward buys the very same house. Richard is so fascinated with Noel that he puts up with the strange goings on in the house just to be near his idle.

There is so much more to the house that just a past! Very cleverly written with comical elements and name dropping like you’ve never seen before. This book follows two lives at two different time periods but the two are so connected. It’s very interesting to read about an Actor that I’ve heard so much about and whilst I don’t know how accurate Julian Clary has portrayed Noel Coward, I was so captivated as I read about how being Gay in his time was totally out of the question and the extent that he went to try to hide it.

There are lots of chapters where the story will surprise you about as you turn the pages, with a haunted elements running all the way through. I throughly enjoyed this book and was hooked from page one – Fabulous read!

Very cleverly named book!

Available via Amazon UK

Briefs Encountered



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2 responses to “Briefs Encountered – JULIAN CLARY

  1. sherylbrowne

    FAbulous review! I love Julian Clary. Just have to read this one. Thanks, Lou! 🙂 xx

  2. I was facinated by this review. Not a book I would pick up normally but this sounds like such an outrageous read that it might be rude not to!

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