The Road Back – LIZ HARRIS

The Road Back is the debut novel by Liz Harris and published by ChocLit.

The Road Back is a split era novel set in the 1950s and 1995; it’s a novel about relationships and how the past impacts upon the present. Set against a cultural background rarely featured in novels – that of the Buddhist part of Ladakh, a country to the west of Tibet – it tells of a passion that crosses cultures, of a love that lasts a lifetime, and of hope that can only come from revisiting the past.

When Patricia accompanies her father, Major George Carstairs, on a trip to Ladakh, north of the Himalayas, in the early 1960s, she sees it as a chance to step out from the shadow of her dead brother, James, and finally to win her father’s love.

What she doesn’t expect to do is meet Kalden – a local man destined by circumstances beyond his control to be a monk, but fated to be the love of her life.

Despite her father’s fury, the lovers are determined to be together, but their plans go tragically awry, and thirty -two years later a young woman comes knocking at Patricia’s door, looking for answers.

Set over two continents, different cultures and throw in a two young lovers, you know straight away you have a great new ChocLit book in your hands.

The Author has clearly done a lot of research and as the writing is very descriptive especially when she talks about the Ladakh and their culture. Set in two parts, the first gently exploring the early life of Patricia and her time in Ladakh set in the early 1960’s when she meets and falls in love with Kalden. Part two brings you to the present day (well mid 1990’s) when Patricia heads back to Ladakh.

A lovely read with an emotional ending but I am not totally sure I connected with the characters as much as I wanted too. However, it’s very impressive debut novel.

You can buy a copy via Amazon uk The Road Back



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3 responses to “The Road Back – LIZ HARRIS

  1. harrietgrace

    Sounds a very interesting read and it has a beautiful cover. Thank you for a great review, Lou. x

  2. Stephanie Keyes

    Hi Lou, Thanks for taking the time to give us your take on this one. Way to go Liz for her impressive debut novel and thanks for a detailed and honest review, Lou!

  3. debutnovelist

    What a lovely cover – very tempting, as is your review – thanks!

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