The Rose Petal Beach – DOROTHY KOOMSON

The Rose Petal Beach is the 8th book written by Dorothy Koomson
and published by Quercus.

Every love story has a dangerous twist. Tamia Brenett is horrified when her husband, Scott, is accused of something terrible – but when she discovers who his accuser is, everything goes into freefall. Backed into a corner and unsure what to think, Tamia is forced to choose who she instinctively believes. But Tamia’s choice has dire consequences for all concerned especially when matters take a tragic turn. Then a stranger arrives in town to sprinkle rose petals in the sea in memory of her lost loved one. This stranger carries with her shocking truths that will change the lives of everyone she meets, and will once again force Tamia to make some devastating choices..

This is a love story with a difference, so much suspense and mystery on each page that you never expect what is coming next. I very much enjoyed the courtship of Tamia and Scott and the love they shared in the beginning.

This is the third book I have read by the Author and she has a real skill at keeping you guessing by wrapping you into the story. Always beautifully written with characters that you really grow very fond of.

I have mixed feelings for this book. I enjoyed elements of it very much, each chapter is written from the perspective of one of the leads and thought the ending was absolutely brilliant but I struggled a little with the jumping from one time period to the next and I kept hoping it would stay in the present. I will say I understand why it did that and I’m sure everyone else will say that it was totally needed and enhanced the story. I really would like to say this says more about me than the quality of the writing.

I have no doubt that this will be a must read book by most people and one that people will discuss when finished. I also think it is one of the most eye-catching covers I have seen for a long time.

You can buy your copy via Amazon uk


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  1. Stunning cover! I have enjoyed some of Dorothy Koomson’s books so might check this one out!

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