Goodbye for Now – LAURIE FRANKEL

Goodbye for Now is written by American Author Laurie Frankel and published by Headline.

Love, loss and the extraordinary potential of social networking media come together to create a powerful, moving, unforgettable novel that will make readers laugh, cry and resolve to find their own true love.

Imagine a world in which you never have to say goodbye.

A world in which you can talk to your loved ones after they’ve gone.

About the trivial things you used to share.

About the things you wish you’d said while you still had the chance.

About how hard it is to adjust to life without them.

When Sam Elling invents a computer programme that enables his girlfriend Meredith to do just this, nothing can prepare them for the success and the complications that follow. For every person who wants to say goodbye, there is someone else who can’t let go. And when tragedy strikes, they have to find out whether goodbye has to be for ever. Or whether love can take on a life of its own…

This is a very cleverly written book that must have been very complex to formulate as it is something a little bit different. It’s all about a young couple and their ability and expertise at writing a software packages that enables you to re-create conversations via video talk or texting with people that have passed over and the impact that this one package can have on everyone around them.

The concept of the book is so very clever that whilst the software package is not real, it could so easily be and I just can’t help thinking, crumbs wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to use it to see and hear from my Dad.

I really enjoyed the story, may not be everyone’s cup of tea because some people wouldn’t like the concept of being able to communicate with the dead but I found it very easy to read as it is so well written, exciting because it was so imaginative, emotional in places as well as a couple of shock factors thrown in. All in all, a really great read!

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