The Captain’s Daughter – LEAH FLEMMING

The Captain’s Daughter is written by Leah Flemming and published by Simon & Schuster.

The secrets in a woman’s heart are deeper than the ocean…For May Smith, travelling with her husband and baby girl Ellen, stepping foot on the Titanic marks the start of an incredible journey, one which is destined to take her from the back streets of Bolton to the land of opportunity: the United States. But when the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic hits an iceberg one cold dark night, May’s dreams are instantly shattered. Jumping from the sinking ship at the last minute, May loses sight of Joe and Ellen. Distraught, she is pulled into a lifeboat. Minutes later, the real-life Captain Smith swims to the lifeboat and hands May a baby swaddled in blankets. Beside herself, and in virtual darkness, May believes the baby to be Ellen. This rescue is witnessed by fellow survivor, Celeste Parkes, married to an American industrialist who is on her way back to Ohio after her mother’s funeral. In horror, they both watch the death throes of the mighty ship; May traumatised, knowing her husband has drowned, Celeste wishing her bully of a husband had been on board and out of her life. As the dawn comes up, and the two women are rescued by the Carpathia, a friendship is formed, one which is destined to transcend the Atlantic and social differences between them and last a lifetime. Then May makes a shocking discovery and a split-second decision which will change the lives of so many.
A well written novel starting at the time of the sinking (no spoiler there!) of the Titanic which just sets the scene and not what the story is about. This is a book about two women’s lives and how different their worlds when on that one dreadful night turned into a chance meeting and changed both their lives forever.
The locational information is very descriptive and it is very clear the Author knows the areas very well. I did find elements of the novel rather long in places but when you scan three generations I guess that it is understandable to get be able to include so many birth, deaths and marriages! (1912 -1959)
Really lovely strong friendships between Ellen and Celeste, well written and leads that you will warm to quickly. Overall, I would say it is a very good historical novel and would recommend it.
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  1. Thanks, Louise,. This sounds an interesting read and must cover a lot of history!

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