Cells is written and self published by Author Harriet Grace.

One woman. Two men. A last chance for happiness. Peak time on the Features Floor of a national newspaper and the computers crash. Martha Morgan, Features Editor, is losing control of her job. Head pounding she looks up and there is Jon. Is he the saviour she needs? Past and present combine into an explosive future in this literary novel.

This is the second book I have read this month about fertility problems in women and again the Author has written this very difficult and emotional problem with great care and compassion. I’m a mother myself and was extremely fortunate not to have any problems in conceiving my gorgeous little girl, however, reading this book I was transported into Martha’s world and the struggles she had with the failed IVF and as the book was written so well, it really does pull at you heart-strings.

This book is more complex than just fertility issues, this is a love triangle and all the emotional rollercoaster that this endures also.

Martha, her husband Grant and the third person Jon are not the easiest of people to warm to straight away. Harriet delves into each of their worlds a bit deeper and you can understand why they are like they are.

Certainly not a light and fluffy book but one that will keep you wanting to read on and find out what happens next.

Thank you so much Harriet for sending me a copy of your book.

Why not get your copy via Amazon UK  Cells



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7 responses to “Cells – HARRIET GRACE

  1. Stephanie Keyes

    Looks like a complex and interesting read. Thanks Louise for another wonderful review!

  2. Great review Lou. This book sounds like a very topical and interesting read.

  3. Such a strong and emotive subject matter, sounds like a page-turner!

  4. This is high on my TBR and the review makes me want to get there even faster. Thanks, Lou and congrats to Harriet!

  5. Just back from a week away. Thank you, Lou, for reading ‘CELLS’, enjoying it, and giving me a great review! Thanks Janice, Linn and Nicky for your lovely comments. x

  6. Lovely review, never heard of this author

    Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

  7. Hello, Lainy, do look at my website!! harrietgrace.co.uk And thanks for your comment!

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