Ship to Shore is the debut novel by self published Author Elizabeth Krall.

Storms at sea. Heartbreak on land.

Sally meets Dermid on a tall ship sailing across the Atlantic and is drawn to him, despite what she considers to be his unfortunate passion for bagpipes. However, their tentative romance ends because of something Sally does. She feels guilty and he feels betrayed, and they part in hurt, angry silence.

Despite what happened on the ship, Sally can’t forget Dermid, although when she takes a job on a Scottish island she claims that the fact he lives on a nearby island has nothing to do with it. Not a thing.

On the Isle of Lewis, city girl Sally runs head-on into small-town Scotland, complete with inquisitive neighbours and more things tartan than she had ever imagined existed.

When her job ends, Sally must choose between building a life with Dermid or returning to her carefree, wandering ways. Someone from Dermid’s past sparks a crisis that sends Sally fleeing back to London — and may tear them apart forever.

And could she ever learn to love the bagpipes?

There is something very different when you read a book set at sea,  not many of them around and I can say that this is a really good one! First part is set at sea and as the holiday romance ends we are transported to land in London and Scottish islands, here the story continues to enfold and the whole ‘will they or won’t they?’.

Strong leads in both Sally and Dermid. He is dark and mysterious and she is not quite sure of where she is going – both unsure of the next steps in life.

Being a romance book, you can expect a happy ending but you don’t actually know how this book ends until you turn the final page. Often you think you know, but like a ship in the storm you are thrown off and lead in a different direction.

Very well written with humour (but not laugh out loud) elements. It was very apparent that the Author knew her settings and articulates them very well.

Thank you Elizabeth for sending me a copy.

Why don’t you download your copy via Amazon UK Ship to Shore


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  1. Elizabeth Krall

    Hi, Just wanted to say thanks very much for taking the time to read and review ‘Ship to Shore’. I really appreciate it! Elizabeth.

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