The Two Week Wait – SARAH RAYNER

 The Two Week Wait is written by Author Sarah Rayner and published by Picador.

After a health scare, Brighton-based Lou is forced to confront the fact that her time to have a baby is running out. She can’t imagine a future without children, but her partner doesn’t seem to feel the same way, and she’s not sure whether she could go it alone.

Meanwhile, up in Yorkshire, Cath is longing to start a family with her husband, Rich. No one would be happier to have a child than Rich, but Cath is infertile.

Could these strangers help one another out?

Sarah has written a moving story about two ladies wanting what they beleive to be every woman’s right, a baby. Due to the subject matter this is can be a hard read in places as it is written so well, it is all very real.

Two great leading ladies, very different and their plyths to have a family are for different reason but they are united in one thing, they can’t conceive naturally.

As a mother of my own child, I couldn’t help but put myself in both their positions and it is heartbreaking how some people struggle. Sarah has written the book with lots of emotion, compassion and sensitivity. It is a good book with a perfect ending.

You can purchase your copy via Amazon UK
The Two Week Wait



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4 responses to “The Two Week Wait – SARAH RAYNER

  1. Sounds like an interesting read on a topical issue. I like the summer style cover too. Thanks Lou.

  2. The cover is fab, it’s rather poignant for some reason. Sounds like one to add to my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing Lou!

  3. Dot

    I thought that this book was really good too, have you read her first book? I would recommend it!

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