The Mistress’s Revenge – TAMAR COHEN

The Mistress’s Revenge is written by Tamar Cohen

There’s a fine line between love and hate.

Fatal Attraction set in the era of Facebook; fiery, passionate, engrossing, unsettling, manipulative, and graphic–a debut novel written as one woman’s letter to the married man who has just dumped her, and upon whom she exacts a terrifying revenge.

When their five-year affair with the sexy televisions personality Clive Gooding brutally ends on a dime–his dime–Sally Islip is devastated. But with Sally, Clive has made one fundamental mistake: he has chosen someone who has less to lose then he has, and Sally will have her revenge–no matter what the cost to the people around them.

The cat-and-mouse tale that follows is told through the journals Sally’s therapist has told her to keep. Sally, whose mental state is gradually unraveling, stalks Clive online and off, keeping him on an agonizing knife-edge of fear of exposure. In return, he mobilizes his underworld contacts against her. How far is he prepared to go to silence the woman he once lover “more than life itself?” What form will Sally’s obsessive revenge eventually take? Who actually has final control, and who will end up losing everything?

I decided to buy a few books the other day as I hadn’t done that for a while and this was one of the books that took my fancy. I had seem some discussion about it on twitter and was interested in it.

The whole book is written in a journal style. Whilst set out in a standard look, each page is written from Sally explaining her thoughts, actions and understandings to Clive. (The man she was having the ‘affair’ with). It took me a while to like this writing style as it is very unusual.

The story is extremely well written and almost chilling in places. You can’t help feel so sorry for Sally and her situation, whether you understand what possessed her to embark on a relationship with a married man or not. Her plight really does pull at your heart even though everyone knows they never leave their Wife – despite their wife not understanding them!!

I found it a slow read but I don’t think it is a reflection of the quality of the writing but because of the subject matter. It’s a very difficult topic to read about. You are basically reading families fall apart around your eyes.

The ending was brilliant and unexpected. Strongly suggest that you don’t read any reviews on Goodreads/Amazon as too many spoil the ending and tell you what happens (of course I will not be doing that!)

A great book, maybe not for everyone but it gripped me to the last page and I can’t ask for more from a book!

Click below to purchase a copy via Amazon UK.

The Mistress’s Revenge



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2 responses to “The Mistress’s Revenge – TAMAR COHEN

  1. Hi Lou, I have just finished this book and read your review which I agree with. It is so well written and I found it easy to get into as I do enjoy this ‘journal’ style plot revelation… I also loved the brilliant ending. I think the writing is so clever to create such a flawed, unrelaible narrator who has been sent slowly bonkers by all the unkept promises and lies that at the same time she’s been a party to and a part of. At the same time, as you say the reader is still able to feel very sorry for her and empathise with her feelings which, for a writer is quite a feat. Great review!

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