United State of Love – SUE FORTIN

United State of Love is the debut novel by Sue Fortin.

When the past and present collide, love is the casualty. Why?

Since splitting from her husband, single mum Anna Barnes is enjoying her new found freedom and independence. Now she can concentrate on looking after her teenage son and building up her career. However, she didn’t bank on working for Tex Garcia.

The gorgeous American chef is getting the locals hot under the collar and not just because of his culinary prowess! Beneath that handsome exterior, however, lies a man haunted by his past. Tex can’t commit and women pass through his life like dishes going out to service. So, what is it about Anna that’s different?

Can Tex break her self-imposed rule of never mixing business with pleasure and add some spice into the mix? Or is Anna’s ex set to spoil the recipe altogether when he reappears apparently wanting reconciliation?

It always interests me when a reviewer of books decides to take the leap and write themselves and I am delighted that Sue has done exactly that. As a debut novel, this is a very competent book that easily stands out with her peers in the e-book market.

Really well written and very descriptive. A love story full of twists and turns with a very modern approach. This book will really capture you and as you approach the closing chapters will make you will things to turn out the way you want them too. The main characters are very endearing and you are drawn to their plights. Sue has written a story in a location that she knows well and that knowledge has really enabled her to write with confidence. I have been told by a number of Authors, to write what you know about if you want it to be believable and that is exactly what she has done.

A wonderful first book and I can’t wait to read your other books as you release them. Also, adore the cover!

Thanks Sue for sending me an advanced copy of this book.

If you’d like to purchase your own copy via amazon UK click below.

United State of Love


I asked Sue the following questions:-

1) Tell us a little about your book and why you picked Arundel as the location?
My book is about a woman in her mid-thirties who is separated from her husband, now enjoying independence and looking after her teenage son. However, just as she’s about to embark on a new relationship, her estranged husband turns up, apparently looking for reconciliation. She attempts to keep husband and lover separate but they are on a collision course.

I chose to set the story in Arundel as it’s somewhere I know very well, I have spent many a happy hour and day there, in fact, I worked there for 18 months when I was younger. It’s a beautiful historic town and has a great atmosphere in the evenings, with some excellent restaurants. It seemed the perfect setting for the restaurant in my novel.

2) A lot of people will know you as a book reviewer, what made you take the brave step of being a novelist?
Well, I was secretly writing away when I became a book reviewer. I joined Love A Happy Ending (www.loveahappyending.com) as an Associate Reader and then with a couple of gentle shoves, okay not so gentle more like a two handed push between the shoulder blades, last year I switched to being one of their Featured Authors.

3) What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing the same?
Thinking of book reviewing – then definitely, it’s a great way to discover new authors and read genres you might not have chosen otherwise.

Thinking of writing – then stock up on plenty of tea and biscuits, write every day, even if it’s just a little, join Twitter and Facebook to meet up with like minded people and enjoy yourself. It’s your writing, you can go anywhere, do anything and with anyone!
4) Do you have book two in the pipeline and if so, what will it be about?
I’ve made a start on Book 2, at the moment it has the working title of ‘Once Upon A Secret’ and it’s about secrets buried in the past, moral obligations and having to do things, rather than wanting to.
5) What has been your favourite read of the last 12 months?
My favourite read – that’s a hard question. I’m going to list three because I can’t choose between them 

The Death Relic – Chris Kuzneski
Never Coming Home – Evonne Wareham
Hurry Up & Wait – Isabel Ashdown



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6 responses to “United State of Love – SUE FORTIN

  1. Congrats again on the launch, and I love the HIYA feature. Hope it wasn’t me that shoved you over the edge, literally speaking–ha ha! Good job you took the plunge though because USoL is absolutely worth it. Fab read, well done, best of luck, keep writing!! Thanks, Lou, for featuring Sue here today, you are a star.

  2. Well done Sue……Once you’ve written one, there will be no stopping you. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Sue! Enjoy every minute of this wonderful experience with your debut novel! I’m off to download now!

  4. Hi Lou, thank you for the lovely review – so glad you enjoyed it.

    Thank you also to Nicky, Harvey and Patricia for stopping by.

    Happy reading.

  5. Great interview, Sue & Lou. Have made a note of your favourite books, Sue, as I haven’t read them yet (as if I haven’t enough on my tbr pile!) but I just can’t resist a recomendation. Really looking forward to reading United State of Love!

    Janice xx

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