Surfing in Stilettos – CAROL E WYER

Surfing in Stilettos is the second book by Carol E Wyer following on the success of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.

Amanda Wilson is all geared up for an exciting gap year, travelling across Europe with her husband, Phil, hoping that it will cheer him up and put a little romance back into their lives. Fate, however, intervenes to turn Amanda’s life on its head. First, Bertie, the campervan, breaks down. Then, the trip is doing nothing to change the grumpy disposition of her husband. In fact he seems to be getting worse. Finally, her dopey son, Tom, who is staying in their house in the UK, holds a raucous party, during which the front door gets broken, opening the way for a bunch of squatters to move in.

With her plans thwarted as Phil returns to the UK to handle the squatters, Amanda is abandoned in France with only a cellar full of Chateau Plonk, a large, orange Space Hopper, and Old Ted, a dog, for company. To make matters worse, the jaw-dropping, Skype calls from her irrepressible mother are only making her trip even less palatable by comparison. She turns to the internet and to writing to amuse herself.

I read Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines earlier this year and I loved it. It was extremely funny and very addictive. When Carol approached me and told me she had written a sequel to it I was delighted, but I had high expectations. I imagine writing a sequel to a book that was successful and received high praise must be a daunting task and something a lot of Authors don’t do but I was so thrilled that Surfing in Stilettos was just as engaging and enjoyable to read.

We rejoin Amanda embarking on a years tour in their campavan Bertie with her “beloved” husband Phil. Lots of the old characters are still in the story, Tom the Son, her blogger friends, Todd and her wonderful Mother! obviously nothing goes to plan and it’s not the bliss gap year expected (or maybe being a realist Amanda knew all along!!) a long as some fabulous new French characters and a gorgeous Dog Ted

Carol has brilliantly written the second book that is just as funny and still a real page turner but this time there was a little more to the story. More emotion, more stories from the other’s perspective and closure I would say in many cases. I felt this novel went deeper than one Woman’s blog and “moaning” husband. This really was about people finding themselves and understanding what is important in life and to do it whether it hurt to do or not!

Wonderful book Carol, I’m so grateful to you for sending me and advanced copy! Can’t wait for your next book.

If you haven’t read Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines (see me review here – ) I recommend you do before you read this. However it does stand on its own but I think it’s meant to be read as a sequel to truly love the characters!

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