Book of the Month – It Happened at Boot Camp – MOLLY HOPKINS



Why did I pick this book as my Book of the Month?

2011 great year for new Authors and no more so than Molly Hopkins with her release of It happened in Paris and the introduction of the leading character Evie. I loved Evie and her crazy ways and was soooo excited when I read she would be coming back in future books – they will all be a must for me going forward!


Give up men for 2 weeks? Impossible! But Evie Dexter has challenged her flirtatious, man-addicted best friend Lulu to do just this. And Lulu never shirks a bet. In a flash of deranged inspiration Lulu books them both on a week’s stay at an all-female military-style Boot Camp in the boringly beautiful English countryside – surely a guaranteed man-free zone. But with one meagre gym visit between them, a shared passion for white wine, saturated fats and sitting in front of the television – just how long can Evie and Lulu stick it out? This story is sooooo good it has three different endings, but there can only be one winner!

You decide!

My Review

Whilst this is a short e-book story, it is packed full of the laughter, stupidity and shear madness you expect from Molly’s leading character Evie. This time she is teamed up with her room-mate LuLu who in herself is a fabulous character and extremely readable! The connection between the two is so funny and this time extremely competitive!

I  find Molly’s writing rather addictive and a joy to read. You get straight into her stories and can’t help laugh out loud in places. If i had to compare her books I would have to say very Bridget Jones and every bit worth reading and Boot Camp is just as brilliant as Paris was.

Loved the way Molly has ended this book. As a child i remember the action books I used to read and got to select which course the book went and I loved it then and I certainly still love it now!

Roll on Evie’s next chapter when she goes to Venice later this year when it’s released – I certainly will be the first with my hand up asking to read it!

I asked Molly the following questions:-

1      It Happened In Paris was one of my top 10 reads of 2011 so I’m delighted to see this new release! tell us a little bit about It Happened At Boot Camp! 

Have you seen Private Benjamin, the hilarious film starring Goldie Hawn? Well It Happened At Boot Camp is a modern day version of that. Evie and Lulu (with one miserable gym visit between them), go to stay at a military style Boot Camp for a week. Evie is worried that she might die in her sleep of exhaustion, and Lulu would rather die in her sleep than get out of bed and put her trainers on. So why are they there . . ? Actually I’m not saying. You’ll have to read it to find out. But they have a very good reason…

2.     Evie is such an addictive character and i can’t help love her and her crazy ways!! Where did you get her character from?

Evie is a character blend of several of my best friends (and perhaps a little bit of myself too). I’ve embellished our virtues and chiselled at our vices, to come up with this bubbly girl, who is prepared to give anything a go. Qualifying threads of my characters personalities to someone I know is great fun, because my friends can see themselves in my storylines. Although now that I think of it I’m not being fed the same amount of sexed-up gossip that I used to – I wonder if the fact that I put all my friend secrets into print has anything to do with that?!

3.     The whole choose your own ending really is a wonderful concept – what made you decide to do this?

I would be telling lies if I said that I’d thought of it, because I didn’t. My editor Rebecca did. She thought with the evolution of digital reading it was time to test the water and interact with readers in a different way. How many times have you read a book and been disappointed with the ending? Or how often have you made a decision, only to torment yourself on how things would have worked out if you had chosen a different path? We wanted to give readers the opportunity to effectively decide for themselves how the story should best end. And I have to say, I think it was a fabulous idea. I’m sure readers will love it.

4.     How many more adventures can we expected from Evie, where is she off next?

Oh! You’ll be sick of me for sure! There are loads of adventures to follow. At the moment I’m working on It Happened In Santorini, and I’m loving every minute of it. I also have an idea percolating of a story featuring Lulu as the main character, but I don’t write erotica, so I might have to ponder a while longer over this…

5.     What has been your favourite read of the last 12 months?

I love Chrissie Manby’s books. I adore her chatty conversational writing voice. I’ve just finished Kate’s Wedding. It was fabulous. I highly recommend it.

Thank you so much Molly and Little Brown for allowing me to feature Boot Camp as my book of the Month.

It Happened at Boot Camp will be available to download as an eBook on the 19th July – If you haven’t read It Happened in Paris why not buy a copy now to get to now Evie before Book Camp is released (here is my review of it – )


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