VIP Summer daydreams (A year on!) – CAROLE MATTHEWS

As a subscriber of Carole’s newsletter via her website I have been sent this wonderful short story which is the follow-up from Summer Daydreams – a year on.

Full review of Summer Daydreams can be read here –

Now you mustn’t read on if you haven’t read Summer Daydreams yet as this will contain some spoilers to the book.

So – we rejoin a year on at Phil and Constance’s Wedding. All your favourite characters are here again enjoying the wonderful day and also a couple of new ones!

The short story focuses on Jen and where her life has been since we left. With a new temporary boss in charge of Live and Let Fry will Jen be happy someone else telling her what to do when she thinks she should have been left to Manage the shop – it also doesn’t help that Alex is extremely good-looking!!

I love these little follow-ups to Carole’s books and this is a lovely extra little treat that doesn’t disappoint. It’s the icing on top of an already gorgeous cake that being Summer Daydreams.

Remember – you have to be a member of Carole’s website to be able to get VIP advances of these wonderful year on stories!

Thanks Carole – Very much enjoyed Jen’s story!

You can follow Carole on twitter @CaroleMatthews


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One response to “VIP Summer daydreams (A year on!) – CAROLE MATTHEWS

  1. Get thee behind me temptation. I have to read the book first! Been tempted to sign up though. 😉

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