Where’d you go, Bernadette – MARIA SEMPLE

 Where’d you go, Bernadette is written by Maria Semple and published Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Bernadette Fox is notorious.

To Elgie Branch, a Microsoft wunderkind, she’s his hilarious, volatile, talented, troubled wife.

 To fellow mothers at the school gate, she’s a menace.

 To design experts, she’s a revolutionary architect.

 And to 15-year-old Bee, she is a best friend and, quite simply, mum.

 Then Bernadette disappears. And Bee must take a trip to the end of the earth to find her.

 I was kindly sent this book by Lovereading .co.uk and I always look forward to their selection and when this book arrived I thought what a cool cover, this looks like a lot of fun.

By the time I came to the last page, I’m not sure what I really thought about it. I didn’t by any means hate the book but I don’t think I loved it either.

The majority of the book is written in a diary format which in its self is not a problem to me. There were some extremely funny section in book and it was very light and easy to read. I think Audrey was by far my favourite character and the whole “Gnats” references were fab.

The story explores the troubles of Bernadette and the effect that she has on her family , especially her daughter Bee. The problem I think I had with it is that I wasn’t gripped. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, I just think I hoped for a little more, which I sadly can’t quite put my finger on what I wanted.

I’ve looked at other reviews since finishing the book and there are many 5* reviews so I think it’s more about my personal taste and by no means any reflection on the book.

Thanks so much LoveReading.co.uk for sending me a copy of this.

Click below if you would like to purchase a copy via Amazon UK



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4 responses to “Where’d you go, Bernadette – MARIA SEMPLE

  1. So refreshing to read an honest review. I have always loved all your recommendations. I do hate reviewers who are always positive because they feel they have to be as they got sent the book for free. You offer a wide range of book reviews and you have introduced me to some unknown authors – thanks.

  2. This review is a perfect example of why I respect your opinion, Lou, and the way you express it.

  3. I have reviewed this book as well for Lovereading, I disliked the book and my review was pretty negative. For me it was a total waste of time. Not surprised that my review never went live on the website, but I did post a blog review.

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