Summer Daydreams – CAROLE MATTHEWS – Getting to know her!

As part of Carole’s promotions for her latest (and quite frankly, fabulous new book!) I am hosting Carole and she has been sharing with me  her Holiday Reading Revelations! (link to my review – )

I remember a time, not so long ago, when the choice was take lots of shoes on holiday or lots of books. Invariably the books won and I used to spend my holidays in one pair of sparkly flip-flops or my walking boots. I would try to convince myself that a range of footwear was unimportant. And then came along The Kindle! A revolution in book reading that whisked us all into the digital age and an awful lot of readers seem to have embraced it with gusto.

First, I must set out my stall. As a lifelong and avid reader, I am completely and utterly wedded to ‘real’ books. I don’t think you can beat the experience of choosing a book from the shelves, feeling the pages, caressing the cover and settling down on the sofa with a paperback on your lap. Just bliss! (Cup of tea/wine and biscuits optional but pretty much essential.)

However, I have been totally and utterly seduced by the convenience of downloading books straight to my Kindle. (Other perfectly good e-readers are available!) One click and the book is delivered to your little device before you’ve even had the jolly old bill. My goodness, it’s fast. It means that I can now take twenty, thirty, forty, seemingly infinite amounts of books on holiday to satisfy my reading needs. And I get through a lot of books on holiday. My dearly-beloved, Lovely Kev, does like to drag me up mountains or take me whitewater rafting or to places so remote that there’s no electricity for hundreds of miles. But even though we have very active days in the back-end of beyond there’s generally not a lot to do up a mountain at night in a tent – well, nothing that I can discuss in any great detail on a blog! So even for activity holidays, I probably get through a book in a couple of days. And you try lugging half a dozen paperbacks up the Andes. No. Fun. At. All.

This year, we went crazy and actually booked a holiday that involved LYING ON A SUNLOUNGER! A radical departure. It was wonderful. Long drink, beach towel, shady umbrella, pool close at hand. A long-forgotten pleasure. I fell hopelessly in love. With my Kindle. Some days, I read two books a day. Such joy. I had a wide selection of titles with me, all at my fingertips. And, believe the hype, e-readers are so easy to view, even in bright sunlight. And they buff up quite nicely when you spill suntan cream/diet coke on them. I did struggle more in the evenings while having cocktails on the veranda illuminated only by romantic candlelight. But then, I guess, I was supposed to be being.. um…romantic rather than having my nose stuck in a book.

I did chose to read some rather disappointing books, but that’s another story. My choice of reading gadget, I was very happy with. Whatever you take away with you this summer – book or e-reader – I hope that Summer Daydreams will be on your holiday reading list!

Thank you so much Carole for coming via my blog on your tour!

Why not try and enter Carole competition to win one of your own design on a Helen Rochfort handbag (pictured with Carole). Click below for more details!

Summer Daydreams by Carole Matthews (Sphere, £6.99) is out on 24th May.

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  1. I’m a great fan of Carole’s and look forward to getting this one for my birthday! Great competition too…

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