Every Step of the Way – KIT DOMINO

Every Step of the Way is written by Kit Domino.

1952 in West London. A time of coffee bars and jukeboxes, Teddy boys and gang fights. As Christmas approaches, sixteen-year-old Beth Brixham has so much to look forward to. No more school, her first job, her first boyfriend. Instead, her world is thrown into darkness and chaos as the Great Smog descends over London, leaving in its wake a trail of death and disruption and changing Beth’s life forever.

When family tragedy strikes during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Beth finds herself shunned by her father. Faced with eviction, she must battle against the prejudices, laws and social bigotry post World War II in an effort to prevent her baby sister being taken into care, but she hadn’t gambled on the price she has to pay when offered a radical solution.

Every Step of the Way was shortlisted for the 2004 Harry Bowling Prize for a London novel.

What a wonderful story, so much pain and heartbreak brilliantly filling each page. Kit has written a pager turner of one young girl’s struggling to live her own life and protect those she holds dear. Being so young doesn’t always make Beth use her head to make decision but instead her heart. Set in the ’50’s with all the social and environmental problems of that time, this story however could happen in any era,

This book really made me think, would I have made the same choices Beth did if I was in her position and I can honestly say I think I would have done. A woman’s in-built strength to protect will always win our rational reason.

I can see why this was shortlisted for the Harry Bowling prize in london in 2004, it’s not a gentle story, it will grip you straight away with lots of twists and turns and could so easily be someone’s memoirs as it feel so real.

Thank you so much Kit for sending me a copy to read, I couldn’t put it down. A great book.

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Every Step of the Way

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11 responses to “Every Step of the Way – KIT DOMINO

  1. I totally agree Lou, I couldn’t put it down either! A time it’s hard to imagine and not a lot of comfort.

  2. Thrilled you enjoy it. Aren’t us girls so glad times have changed!

  3. Only a couple more books before I get to Every Step of the Way… whoop! I can’t wait. Fabulous review, Lou, and congrats to Kit. I’m very exciting about starting reading it as soon as I can!!

  4. I have it waiting to be read – am looking forward to it. Great review Lou.

  5. I’ve just bought it. Looking forward to reading it soon. XX

  6. I have it, too! Really looking forward to this one, Kit. Sounds totally relatable to! Fab review!:) x

  7. I have Every Step of the Way on my Kindle and simply can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the review Lou! Wishing you great success with this novel Kit. xx

  8. Thank you all again. Looking forward to hearing what you all think about it. Kit XX

  9. It’s a great book, really enjoyed the whole story. One of those unputdownable reads!

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