The Penny Bangle – MARGARET JAMES

The Penny Bangle is the 3rd in this trilogy by Margaret James and published by ChocLit.

When should you trust your heart?

It’s 1942 when Cassie Taylor reluctantly leaves Birmingham to become a land girl on a farm in Dorset.

There she meets Robert and Stephen Denham, twins recovering from injuries sustained at Dunkirk. Cassie is instantly drawn to Stephen, but is wary of the more complex Robert – who doesn’t seem to like Cassie one little bit.

At first, Robert wants to sack the inexperienced city girl. But Cassie soon learns, and Robert comes to admire her courage, finding himself deeply attracted to Cassie. Just as their romance blossoms, he’s called back into active service.

Anxious to have adventures herself, Cassie joins the ATS. In Egypt, she meets up with Robert, and they become engaged. However, war separates them again as Robert is sent to Italy and Cassie back to the UK.

Robert is reported missing, presumed dead. Stephen wants to take Robert’s place in Cassie’s heart. But will Cassie stay true to the memory of her first love, and will Robert come home again?

When Choc Lit approached me to see if I would be interested in reviewing this book, I had a quick look at their website to see what the book was about and noticed it was the 3rd book in the Trilogy. My concern was that I hadn’t read the first two but they said that wouldn’t be a problem and I totally agree. It reads as a stand alone as the other two  books focus on other characters from the book and therefore doesn’t distract your enjoyment of the book.

As with all Chock Lit books, you know you are going to get a really good read and something that will hock you in straightaway and keep your attention through out. Margaret has written a lovely engaging story in The Penny Bangle. It is set in the latter stages of the 2nd World War and there are many references about it but this really is a love story. A story about a young girl and her connection to a family that she meets when she goes to help work on their farm.

Beautifully written with strong leading characters, simple to read that just carries you along gently as the story progresses. I certainly would like to read the first two books in the trilogy to see what happened in the other Family members lives (The Silver locket and the The Golden Chain ).

Thank you ChocLit for sending me a copy to read – as always, I was not disappointed!

If you would like to read this or all the books in the series, click below for a link to Amazon UK.



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5 responses to “The Penny Bangle – MARGARET JAMES

  1. Having read Margaret’s other two books, which I loved, I am looking forward to reading the Penny Bangle.

  2. Enjoyed the first and have The Golden Chain and The Penny Bangle on my bookshelf. Looking forward to reading Lou. Thanks for sharing your review. x

  3. lizharriswriter

    I, too, thoroughly enjoyed The Penny Bangle. It’s good to read other people’s opinions of the novel.

    Liz x

  4. Thank you for your lovely review – you’ve made my day! MX

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