The Surrogate – CJ EVANS

The Surrogate by C J Evans

Does a man really need a woman to have a child?

Tristan Sheppard hates weddings. From the little tissue paper invites that came floating through his door to the personalized polo shirts he was forced to wear on stag nights. Unfortunately for Tristan, he was of an age where weddings dominated his social calendar. In his thirties, single and relatively wealthy, Tristan prefers the playboy lifestyle he has adopted. Others however, have plans for him.

Tired of being set up by his ‘friend’ Stuart Robinson and with an unhealthy infatuation with Stuart’s wife Emily, Tristan grows tired of being told to settle down. Tristan believes that the only true love is between a parent and child, which gives him the idea of becoming a father. The only problem is… he doesn’t want a mother.

After approaching ex-girlfriends and lovers, Tristan sees the solution to his problem is to pay Marie McDonald, a single mother from a poor estate in Edinburgh, to be his surrogate. But little does he realise what he has let himself in for…

This is a new spin on contemporary fiction, mainly because it is from the Man perspective. Well written, I did struggle a little with the Scottish accent which slowed the flow of my reading, however, that is more about my ability to read dialects not a reflection on the writing!

It was a great twist on the subject of parenting, Tristan was desperate to have a child of his own and going to huge risks/cost to be able to do this. I loved the surrogate character Marie, I loved how she told how parenting really was!!

Many parts of this book are very funny and will really make you laugh out loud but also very emotional passages as you near the end. I wonder if there will be another book to follow this as not all the ending were totally explained, however that doesn’t stop you enjoying the story and you long for the happy endings for everyone.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book and would certainly read more books by this Author.

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The Surrogate


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  1. That certainly is a unique twist on the topic. Thanks for another solid review, Lou.

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