Never Coming Home – EVONNE WAREHAM (Blog tour snippet 10)

Never Coming Home is the debut novel by Author Evonne Wareham and published by Choc Lit UK


All she has left is hope

When Kaz Elmore is told her five-year-old daughter Jamie has died in a car crash, she struggles to accept that she’ll never see her little girl again. Then a stranger comes into her life offering the most dangerous substance in the world: hope.

Devlin, a security consultant and witness to the terrible accident scene, inadvertently reveals that Kaz’s daughter might not have been the girl in the car after all.

What if Jamie is still alive? With no evidence, the police aren’t interested, so Devlin and Kaz have little choice but to investigate themselves.

Devlin never gets involved with a client. Never. But the more time he spends with Kaz, the more he desires her – and the more his carefully constructed ice-man persona starts to unravel .

The desperate search for Jamie leads down dangerous paths – to a murderous acquaintance from Devlin’s dark past, and all across Europe, to Italy, where deadly secrets await. But as long as Kaz has hope, she can’t stop looking…

I am always very excited to review a new book from Publishers Choc Lit. Their books are  fast paced, gorgeous strong women and to die for Heroes, but this book is completely different to the others I have read. You still get the fantastic page turning story but gone are the polite ladies and romantic adventures. Evonne has written what I can only described as a suspense novel that you really don’t know where it will lead you until the final chapters.

Yes, there is romance/connection between the Kaz (Heroine) and Devlin (Hero) and I’ll be honest, I was concerned that the attraction arrived too early. I put myself in Kaz’s place being a single Mum of a daughter, I imagined what I would be feeling if I’d just been told my whole had been turned upside down again. I wasn’t sure I’d react the same way and even notice how attractive Devlin was so early one, however, Evonne has such a strong plot through out. The mystery and drama of what is happening and where the story leads you to is brilliant and somehow the connections became totally appropriate me.

Very well written with a slight American feel to the writing. This is not a light-hearted novel by any means, there is some strong language which seemed to fit the situations, violence and sometime graphic descriptions of incidents. Also very pleased that Cardiff is mentioned (living in Wales, always makes me smile) even if it is only brief!!

I love the fact Choc Lit has spread its net and caught a new and exciting Author like Evonne Wareham to add to their already superb collection! A wonderful story and an author that I think shows excellent potential. I certainly will be reading her second novel, Out of Sight, Out of Mind which will be published in 2013.

Thank you Choc Lit UK for sending me an advanced copy of this fabulous book. I wish Evonne lots of success with it!

You can follow Evonne and Choc Lit on twitter @evonnewareham @choclituk or via their website

Never Coming Home is available from March  to purchase via Amazon UK

Never Coming Home



Never Coming Home… The ‘Wispa It …’ Blog Tour 

‘Wispa It…’ Snippet No. 10

Kaz has tracked Devlin down to his hotel. She’s about to hire him to help her search for the truth about her daughter.

“Kaz sat on the edge of the chair, peering out of the window, 
wondering how long this was going to take. The receptionist
had been polite, but noncommittal.
No, Mr Devlin was not in the hotel at present.Yes,
Madam might wait here in the foyer if she wished, but as
Mr Devlin had left no message as to when he might return,
would Madam perhaps prefer to call back later?
No. Madam would stay. She had nowhere better to go.”

 Most writers love research. This may be because writers like to poke their noses into things; they adore eavesdropping and love finding out about other people’s lives. It might also be because it is a wonderful displacement activity. ‘Look at me – I’m doing research, so I must be working, mustn’t I?’

Research is addictive. One of the big secrets is knowing when to stop. There really is only so much your reader wishes to know about deep sea fishing, potholing or keeping bees.

But where do authors get their information?

The Internet. A wonderful invention. What did writers do without it? The place to go for information on just about anything, as long as you are careful about the authenticity of your sources. I’m particularly fond of those video tours that take you into historic buildings. Good fun and excellent for jogging the memory on important details.

Books. You can’t beat the traditional route – biographies, diaries, text books – but what about travel guides, time tables, instruction manuals, how-to books, catalogues and brochures? Anything, in fact, that will give you a feel for what you are writing can be called research. (Also see displacement activity, above.)

Original documents. Libraries and archives are stuffed full of them. Nothing to match handling the real thing, the feel, the smell … the dust. If I’m writing anything even vaguely historical, I’m a big fan of newspapers – not just for news, but for advertisements, theatre and cinema listings, fashion pages, sport …

Your own experience – There’s a famous saying ‘Write what you know.’ I have a bit of a problem with some of that, as I write thrillers. Not much experience in shooting people or throwing them off buildings, except on the page, but I do use places I have visited as locations.

Talking to experts The crime writer Simon Brett is reputed to have said that his favourite research method is taking an expert out to lunch. I don’t run to lunch, but I do manage the odd coffee.

Taking Classes. I’m a geek at heart, so this is one of my favourites. I’ve done art, folklore and forensics, all in the name of research.

Research is fun. The hard part is remembering to stop, so that you can write the book!




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2 responses to “Never Coming Home – EVONNE WAREHAM (Blog tour snippet 10)

  1. Great review, Lou. I’m looking forward to reading this book for two reasons: (1) it’s always great to discover a new author and (2) it’s fantastic to see the way in which ChocLit mixes it up with the different styles of writing they publish and, in that way, really do give us the selection box of books they promise.

  2. It sounds like an unusual read and now I’m going to have to add it to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing and good luck Evonne!

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