Torn is the 3rd novel by Author Gilli Allan.


You can escape your past but can you ever escape yourself?

Jess has made a series of bad choices – job, relationships and life-style. All have let her down. By escaping London, she believes she has put the turmoil of her old life behind her. This time she wants to get it right. From now on her young son, Rory, is her number one priority. In the country she will find sanctuary, peace and the good-life, won’t she? But the beautiful environment does not provide the haven she craves. Nothing is as it first appears. There are stresses and strains and competing demands here too. And in the face of temptation, old habits die hard. Despite her resolution to avoid entanglements Jess is torn …. between the suitable man and the unsuitable boy.

Gilli has written this book so beautifully, it is by no means Chick Lit, but instead a grown up romance novel that is heartfelt and sometime very passionate (but not inappropriately so!) set in the gorgeous countryside. This book is all about one young mothers struggle to provide a safe life for her child away from danger and everyone she knows in a strange new place. Before she realises what she is doing, she meet someone who seems so perfect yet has to be hidden from all those around her for reason that becomes very clear early on. So much for a quiet and easier life that she was looking for and how many of use have turned a corners into unexpected paths.

Torn is certainly not predictable, but that is what makes it a real page turner and a very strong ending that I never saw coming. Lovely engaging characters that expand and grow with every page you turn and a story that really makes you think. Highly recommended.

Thank you Gilli for sending me a copy of this book , I enjoyed reading it very much.

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review, Louise. I have been feeling a bit low recently and you’ve really cheered me up.

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