Being a Sceptic is Oh So Easy – LINN HALTON

Being a Sceptic is Oh So easy is written by Author Linn B Halton. 


It’s the easy option, isn’t it? As a sceptic you have nothing to explain or justify; if you see, feel or hear something unexplained, you can tell yourself you have an over-active imagination. Each experience becomes an isolated memory that you can conveniently file away in the attic of your mind. Keeping each very separate is the key, your subconscious tells you not to make connections and not to question. Until one day something happens and you begin to see that it is like a jig-saw puzzle and the pieces begin to fall into place. The truth is life-changing.

‘Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy’ is the true story of my personal journey to a point in my life where I can now say that I truly believe in ‘life after death’. It began with unusual experiences I had in houses I have lived in or visited, some with over 200 years of history. Then the loss of beloved family members triggered new and unexpected psychic connections. The grieving process was so hard to bear, but gradually I came to learn that they are still close and their guidance would end up taking me in a whole new direction. It would also make me take a fresh look at what I had so conveniently ‘filed away’ as unexplained or imagined, and the jig-saw began to take shape….

I have searched many times since my early adulthood for some proof that there is more to life than what we see, so I was very excited to read this book. Linn makes it extremely clear in the first few pages that what she has written is not meant to try to convince you of afterlife activity but just one families experiences. It is so beautifully written, I felt that I was sat in a chair with Linn just chatting to me rather than me reading to myself! The book is so engaging, makes you laugh, cry and want to know more with every page!

All the chapters are very personal and Linn is extremely honest in what she writes.  There are some very difficult areas of family bereavements that must have been so hard for her to write, but you can feel the love and passionate in the subject matter with each word. I appreciate that Spiritual books are not for everyone, but I certainly feel that this is a wonderful introduction that may make you think of things that may have happened to you that you have never really thought more about, or just a collection of episodes that you will enjoy reading about.

Thank you so much Linn for sending me a copy of this book, I feel so very honoured to have been able to read just a little of your life.

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Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy



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12 responses to “Being a Sceptic is Oh So Easy – LINN HALTON

  1. You’ve found me out! This was never written with the intention of publishing it because it’s almost a personal diary, so it’s very special to me to read your words. For some reason my mum wanted me to share it – and even though she’s on the other side I couldn’t refuse! I’m thrilled to be here and honoured!

  2. It was very brave of Linn to publish such personal thoughts. From your review and knowing how truly authentic Linn is, I have no doubt this is a book for everyone who enjoys exploring different points of view. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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  4. I am intrigued! I’m not sure where I stand on the matters Linn describes; I don’t think I’m an outright sceptic, but I’m not sure exactly what I believe. So… I will have to have a good read and see what Linn’s stories bring me. In the meantime, I adore Lou’s review: thoughtful, and inspiring and… well, convincing me: that I have to read this book! Congrats to both ladies. XX

  5. I think I’m in NIcky’s camp. I certainly don’t have a closed mind and, as I know Linn to be a sincere, thoughtful person (and, yes, she does write beautifully), this is one I will definitely be purchasing. Excellent interview, Lou/Linn. 🙂 x

  6. Lovely review! I am looking forward to reading Linn’s books!

  7. I’m an open minded sceptic and have read this book on my Kindle. It is beautifully written and intrieging. I must admit to being gripped by Linn’s personal experiences and sunsequent beliefs, which she explains so well. A must read – whether you are a sceptic or not!

  8. Thank you lovely ladies for your comments and to the wonderful Lou! I hope Being A Sceptic isn’t scary in any way, as I’ve only felt ‘scared’ by things on a very few occasions. For the most part it’s been uplifting, comforting and a wonderful revelation. I still have ongoing experiences and a couple lately have taken me by complete surprise, so I guess I still have a lot to learn. But I no longer ‘fear’ death, and Lawrence now feels the same way. We see it as merely a beginning.

  9. Great review, Lou, and great book, Linn! I’m reading it now (a cozy and comforting read before going to sleep!) and enjoying it very much. I agree. The narrative makes you feel like you are getting to know a new friend whom I like very much. I do believe in the concepts Linn discusses as I’ve experienced similar things firsthand. My psychic abilities are probably not as keen as Linn’s but when certain things happen that have no other explanation, you tend to open your mind to it! Well done both of you!

  10. I have just ordered your book, Linn and very much look forward to reading it. You are preaching to the converted where I’m concerned but I’m looking forward to comparing notes.
    Sandra/Toni x

  11. Hi Toni (bet you are getting VERY used to answering to that now!) – thank you so much and I do hope you enjoy it. I love comparing ‘notes’ myself – I’ve had some pretty strange things happen!

  12. What a fascinating book review. I’m certainly no sceptic but one of those annoying people who always look for a natural, scientific answer. Sometimes there isn’t one, sometimes we have to embrace what “others” are trying to tell us. Well done, Linn, for bravely talking about your personal experiences in such an honest, enjoyable way. And thank you Lou for such a lovely review.

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