A New Set of Rules – STACIA CARLTON

A New Set of Rules is written by Stacia Carlton 


Karma is a bitch. Julianne has just met her.

After her younger lover chooses his career and another woman in favour of her, Julianne’s husband leaves her to be with his recently pregnant girlfriend.

She believes the events are linked by karma, and that she deserves everything that is coming to her. Allowing herself no self pity, she decides to take it standing, planning and hoping to learn and grow from the experience

Picking up the pieces and rediscovering herself, through travel, art, sexuality (occasionally at the same time) and a meaningful reconnection with family, create the rich fabric that is quickly becoming the path of her new life, and along with it a new set of rules, which she is discovering aren’t too bad at all!

Lives, loves and losses make up this heart aching and endearing story. Julianne’s ability to view most of her crises from a hopeful and frequently funny perspective, come together to tell a story of a woman finding strength within herself to carry on through the challenges many of us face.

This is a great story of family connections and how to cope with day-to-day life with all the struggles that goes with modern families. Jules is a very likeable leading lady with a wonderful spirit to look to the future and survive whatever life throws at her, and boy does the Author, Stacia Carlton take us down many unexpected paths and turns.

Really well written with some rather steamy bedrooms scenes but certainly not out-of-place! This book will make you laugh, cry, steam up and hold your breath in places. Certainly not a simple story but one that with keep you engaged until the end. There is a rather long Epilogue at the end (last 22% of the book) that does show you where Jules life takes her some years later that is very heart warming and does finish the story of very nicely. A really great first novel and I will certainly be reading more by Stacia!

Thank you so much Stacia for sending me a copy to review – I wish you lots of success with this book.

You can follow Stacia on twitter @StaciaECarlton

Why not download a copy for your self at Amazon UK

A New Set of Rules


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