Shades of Appley Green – MIRIAM WAKERLY

Shades of Appley Green is the 3rd novel by Author Miriam Wakerly 


Steph is a special, but troubled young woman. Chosen by the most venerated man in Appley Green to fulfil his mission, she feels publicly admired rather than privately loved. She certainly does not trust men!

In helping a once famous, elderly architect with Parkinsons regain a social life, she finds herself taking personal risks, fending off objections, blind to danger. We wait for the moment when it dawns on Steph what is driving her deep-seated obsession; for only then can she find the happiness she deserves. Appley Green is a charming English village. Everyone says so. But people are still people. With the emotional turmoil that comes with love, birth and death, a close-knit community can harbour betrayal and guilt, as well as joy and laughter.

This is third book of Miriam’s that I have read. Whilst this is written in the fictional (but beautifully sounding) village of Appley Green just like the previous two books and has references to people mentioned in the other two books, it certainly can be read on its own and works very well.

This novel focuses on the life of Steph and her family. Miriam has written flash backs to Stephs life that helps us understand her more and she really is an extremely likable lady and you so desperately want her to have the happiness she deserves. The final chapters were very unexpected and added a real twist to the tale! Steph and her children’s (Faith and Barnaby) connection with Jackson Jeffrys is truly lovely and I too become ‘very fond of the old chap! He became more than just her client via Special Support for Seniors, he become a friend to all of them.

Miriam writes with a gorgeous flow and a great depth to her characters with her books and whilst they won’t have your windows steaming and champagne flowing, they are very addictive and wonderful to read!

Shades of Appley Green gives you faith in human kindness! Another deeply engaging read by Miriam Wakerly

Thank you so much Miriam for sending me a copy of this book to review, like your previous two, they are all a real pleasure to read.

You can follow Miriam via twitter @MiriamWakerly or via her website

Why not purchase this book via Amazon UK as a paperback or for Kindle!

Shades of Appley Green

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8 responses to “Shades of Appley Green – MIRIAM WAKERLY

  1. Janice

    I do love a cosy read – these books sound exactly that – I’m off to Amazon!

  2. This sounds wonderful, just my kind of thing! Have put it on my wishlist and will read asap…. Thanks, Lou, for posting this inspiring review and congrats to Miriam for enthralling her reviewer! XX

  3. Thank you so much, Lou, for this wonderful review. I guess some aspects of my book are quite down to earth but have characters, situations and emotions that we can all relate to. I do hope so. I say to folks, if you are a parent, or have/had parents, then you might like this one! Covers most people, doesn’t it?! Think it will mean different things to different people.

  4. Another super review of what sounds like a lovely book, Lou! I will add it to my TBR, but it is rather long so it may be a while before I get to it. Congratulations to Miriam and three lovely sounding novels. Am off to tweet xx

  5. And there are times when we all need our faith restored. Great review, Lou. Glad you didn’t give the twist in the ending away! Think I may have some shopping to do, too! 🙂

  6. ‘Addictive and wonderful to read’ is quite an achievement! Lovely review Lou, and congrats Miriam – wonderful review!

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