Smoke gets in your Eyes – LOUISE MARLEY

Smoke Gets in your Eyes is the 3rd book written by British Author Louise Marley

Synopsis taken from Goodreads

Be careful what you wish for …

After marrying the handsome and wealthy Hugh Kirkwood, all Caitlin wants to do is enjoy her happy ever after. But on the day she learns she is finally pregnant, she catches him in bed with another woman.

Before Caitlin can even think of divorce, Hugh and his girlfriend are killed in a mysterious fire. But Caitlin’s problems are only just beginning. Hugh took out additional life insurance before he died, the fire turns out to have been started deliberately and the police are now eyeing her up as their number one suspect.

Just as Caitlin really feels her life cannot get any worse, fate has one last shock in store …

My review

This is the second book I have read by Louise and it was very different indeed from the other one. You still have the very strong characters, the gorgeous Hero (a must!!) and elements of humour but whilst this is a fast paced and very easy to read, it is more than chic Lit in the traditional sense. This is a very modern-day who dunnit!.

I thought I had this wrapped up early on and how very wrong I was. Louise adds twists and turns that you don’t expect. Lots of engaging characters that not until the end do you understand how they are all connected.

Caitlin has to endure so much and she really doesn’t know who to trust. You feel her pain as things go wrong and long for things to turn out in the end. So much happens to her, those around her and the Hotel. This is a fine example of how having money doesn’t always bring you happiness.

I really enjoyed reading this book and loved this style of story more than the pervious one I read. It has far more substance to it and had me wanting to know what happens next and unable to put it down until I finished … what more can you ask from a book?

A 5* read. Thank you Louise for sending me a copy. I really enjoyed it!

Why not click link below to get your copy at  – currently only 77p (as of 7th Jan 2012!)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes



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2 responses to “Smoke gets in your Eyes – LOUISE MARLEY

  1. Sounds like one not to be missed. If my TBR pile topples over on me, I’ll have you to thank!

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