Perhaps Tomorrow – JEAN FULLERTON

Perhaps Tomorrow is the 3rd book written by Jean Fullerton

Synopsis (Taken from the Authors Website)

Life has not been easy for Mattie Maguire. Since her husband died three years ago, she has struggled to keep the family’s East End coal business solvent, as well as raise her young son and take care of her troubled mother-in-law by herself. And now everything that Mattie has worked for is under threat.Maguire’s is in the path of the proposed Wapping to Mile End railway extension and the coal yard deeds are firmly in the sights of corrupt local benefactor Amos Stebbins.

Fugitive Nathaniel Tate is a man who knows just how ruthless Amos can be: he was wrongfully imprisoned for embezzling money that Amos stole. After learning of his family’s tragic death, Nathaniel escapes and returns to London to bring down the man he holds responsible for his family’s destruction. Tracking Amos down to Maguire’s, it is there that Nathaniel meets Mattie, who offers him work.

As Nathaniel begins to help Mattie turn around the fortunes of the business, and the pair grow ever closer, he starts to think less of revenge and more of the possibility of a new future with Mattie. But then his true identity is revealed. On the run from the police, Nathaniel has to prove his innocence, expose Amos, and winback the heart of Mattie. But a furious Amos has other plans…

My review

I met Jean at the Festival of Romance in Watford at the back-end of 2011 and I was really pleased when she asked if I would review one of her books. As anyone who follows my blogs will know, I’m a big fan of historical novels and always keen to try a new Author to me. I certainly was not disappointed with this book Perhaps Tomorrow.

Set with the back drop of the East End of London in the Regency period. To me  felt there were three storylines all interwoven with each other and it not until to progress through the book you totally understand how and why. Nathaniel and his need to clear his name. Mattie to survive the loneliness and continue to keep the family business going and Amos with all his dark secrets that he has been able to hide so well.

Jean has written a fabulous book really pulling you into the dirt and hardship of this time. Her wonderful descriptive text really helps make you feel that you are in the East End of London amongst the dirt and coal dust. Mattie was a wonderful heroine. She was a great mix of compassion with those around her and struggling with what life had to throw at her but also strong enough to stand up for what she believed in and who she loved. I loved the chemistry (positive and negative!) that she had with both Nathaniel and Amos. There are lots of moments of where will the story take you next? Is it possible for there to be a happy ending or is it too late!

A wonderful 5* read and I recommend it and will certainly be reading other books by Jean.

Thank you so much Jean for letting me have a copy of Perhaps Tomorrow. I wish you lots of success with it.

If you would like to purchase a copy via amazon please click this link Jean Fullerton Books 

To find out more about the location of where this book was set, please click this link to Jean Fullerton’s website


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