Eulogy’s Secret – GRACE ELLIOT

Eulogy’ Secret is the first in the Huntley Trilogy written by Grace Elliot.

Suddenly Eulogy Foster finds herself on her own following the death of her beloved Guardians. With the knowledge of her birth parents she heads to London to meet her estranged brother, Lord Lucien Devlin. Never having been to the City before, she is very unprepared to what she find on her arrival there.

Thrown out and denied by her own brother, she is attacked, robbed and without the help of a stranger, god know what would have happened to next.

Maybe Jack Huntly was in the wrong place at the right time, but coming to the aid of this damsel in distress is about to change his whole life. If only he could understand what secrets Eulogy is keeping and let him in.

Falling for Jack, Eulogy needs to be certain that he loves her for who he believes she is not who she actually is.

Will Eulogy’s brother acknowledge her and present her to society or is there something that her brother is trying to hide? Will Lucien Devlin stop at nothing to get Eulogy out of his life?  Can Jack and Eulogy trust each other enough or will their secrets force them apart?

Set in the Regency period of England, Grace has written a fantastic historical novel (and by now everyone who reads my blog will know how much I enjoy these!) Eulogy is a very strong young lady who has to fight many battles to get to where she wants to be in life. Jack is a typical stubborn man of his time, but with a much deeper and gentle side that he desperately wants to share with Eulogy but something is always holding him back and stopping him taking that next step forward. Wonderful connection between them and also the gorgeous relationship that Eulogy develops with Mr Farrell.

Some very spicy, but perfectly written sexual tension through out which keeps you gripped on a will they won’t they but also with the frightful happenings going on around them!

A great read and I certainly will be wanting to read the following two books in this trilogy.

Thank you so much Grace for sending me a copy of Eulogy’s Secret i really enjoyed it!

You can follow Grace on twitter @grace_elliot


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One response to “Eulogy’s Secret – GRACE ELLIOT

  1. Yeah! Thank you for alerting me to your review, Lou, and I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the read.
    Book 2 (working title “Hope’s Betrayal”) is romping along and practically writing itself as the characters are so vivid in my head.
    All the best for a happy and healthy Christmas to you and all your followers.
    Grace x

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