Wish I was here ….! #StarChef


Today is a VERY exciting day as it launch day for Janice Horton’s latest novel – Reaching for the Stars (see my 5* review at the side that I have posted!)

Janice is hosting a Wish I was here …! event on her blog today (why not come and join the fun!)



If I could be anywhere today I would

Wish I was here ……

At home with my Gorgeous little lady – nowhere else I’d rather be! (sadly I’ll be in London with work though!!)


Come back tomorrow (15th December) and see the latest edition of and meet the main characters of Reaching for the Stars!



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7 responses to “Wish I was here ….! #StarChef

  1. Aww!! That is a lovely post!

  2. Oh Louise, what a beautiful young lady you have there! I bet the two of you have a LOT of fun…. and you’ll soon be on your way home from work… just a few hours to kill in between (laugh)!

  3. I can see why you’d rather be at home with your lovely daughter, Lou, she’s lovely and from the mischief shining in her eyes – she looks like a lot of fun to be with too! An excellent ‘Wish I Was Here…!’
    Janice xx

  4. Which is why Christmas is special – you get to spend time with your precious little loved ones, bless.

    I’ll be joining you later, Janice. Just have a few boring things to juggle – whilst wishing I didn’t. See you soon! xx

  5. Awww, I just noticed the wee shy kitten! So sweet! 🙂 xx

  6. Lovely photo and great answer.

    I was thinking of myself , mind u the family would tag along lol


  7. Excellent choice. There’s definitely a glint of mischief in her face. I missed the kitten. Had go back for a second peek!

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