The Star Child is the debut novel for American Author Stephanie Keyes.

The realisation that his Father doesn’t have time for you in his important schedule hits Kellen St James on the day of his graduation from Yale. Graduating at 17 years of age before most people would even get to University still doesn’t earn his Father’s pride.

Kellen decides there and then that he needs to carve out his own path in life if he is ever to find happiness. Most of his life following the sudden death of his dear Mother, Kellen has not been able to connect with either his Father or brother and only had the love and support of his Grandmother. Following her death, Kellan suddenly has the financial freedom to build a new life.

A distant memory is re-awoken when a vision of the beautiful young girl he met as a child sucks him into a place he can’t explain, a place that doesn’t appear to be in this world?

Can Kellen find happiness on his own without the help of his Father? Can there be more to the memories than he first thought? How far will Kellen go to protect those he loves?

Wow what a story! I will mention this again, but those that follow my blog know, “inner worlds with portal that people pass through” stories are not normally my cup of tea. My little brain can’t understand what I can’t physically see! However, I have to say I think Stephanie may well have helped change my views on this genre of novel!

Kellen’s life seems normal on the surface for about 1/4 of the book apart from a glimpse at the start of where this will take you. Suddenly he is pulled into another world. What I loved about most of all is that the journey that he then travels, he questions the fantastic and the mysthical every step of the way and not believing what he was seeing and experiencing, I felt that was me too and we were learning these lands together, two non believers one being the boy in the story and me as the reader. The fact that he didn’t just accept what was happening and questioned it made this so much more real to me! So very cleverly done!

Stephanie has created a beautifully written, wonderful page turner of a story full of magical and mythical creatures in beautiful worlds. I adored the connection that Kellen had with those that he loved and were dear to him. The actions he took, (whilst most couldn’t happen on boring old earth!!), you could relate to them and understand why he took them!

This is an absolute must not only for all that love Young Adult/Fantasy/Epic , but also for people like me who wouldn’t normally read them – I think I may be converted!!

Thank you so much Stephanie for sending me an advanced copy of this book, I truly loved it and wich you lots of success with The Star Child.

You can follow Stephanie on twitter @stephaniekeyes . Stephanie is also a featured Author with

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2 responses to “The Star Child – STEPHANIE KEYES

  1. Stephanie Keyes

    Thank you Louise for such a lovely review! I am so glad you’ve been converted!

  2. This review is great! Putting another book on my wish list!

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