Princess Diana – The day she didn’t die – HEATH SAMPLES with CLAIRE HOOPER

Princess Diana – The Day she didn’t die is a novel written by Heath Samples with Claire Hooper.

If Princess Diana hadn’t of died that fateful August night in 1997 and in fact walked away from the crash in the tunnel imagine what her life could have been like. This story explores just what Diana’s life could have been like!

What would have become of her relationship with Dodi, Did she realise that someone had tried to kill her? Would she find the happiness she so searched?

When I was asked to read this novel I jumped at the chance as I was a huge fan of Princess Diana and used to love watching her on the TV or reading about her in the magazines etc. Was our interest in her part of the reason she is not here now. That we will never know.

I didn’t read this expecting any answers etc, that is not what it is about – it is a novel and Heath and Claire makes that very clear. Heath and Claire has written a great story, and of course it is only a story as clearly none of the events they has written about could ever happen. The book is very easy to get into and that I put down to the fact that we all ‘knew’ the subject leads so well. Any of the things that happen within the book could so easily happen and therefore really believable.

As a side to the story Heath also has included chapters about a 19-year-old girl, Ella who is a huge fan of Diana and it would seems tries to explore the same paths that Diana is treading. To be honest,  I personally didn’t think this part was needed. I think the huge amount of emotion around Diana and all content that Heath and Claire were writing about with Diana and Dodi etc was gripping enough to keep the reader turning the pages (or clicking the next button due to it being an ebook!) Other may disagree with me and enjoy these sections very much, that’s just personal taste. 

I really did enjoy the story and wonder if there will be additional stories to follow. I was hoping for a happy ending fit for a Princess – did I find it within these pages? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Thank you so much to Heath Samples and Kim Nash for bring this book to my attention and sending me a copy. I wish you lots of success with it.

You can follow Heath Sample on twitter @AUTHORHEATHSAMPLES



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2 responses to “Princess Diana – The day she didn’t die – HEATH SAMPLES with CLAIRE HOOPER

  1. It sounds an interesting idea this book. I’ve read a couple of reviews about it now.

  2. Sorry but this reminds me of that programme ‘Life without People’ I find that pointless. However I mustn’t judge and therefore I will try to read it,

    Good luck


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