SHE is written by Canadian Author Shireen Jeejeebhoy.

One fated night a young songwriter and her fiance are out driving when they collide with something unknown and unseen to them. Through the green neon winds this thing cracks the window and invades into her being.

As they approach the Highway Patrol the word Akaesman is first mentioned on that eve of Summer Solstice.

‘An entity from nothing space and time, Akaesman lurks in his dominion, waiting, watching through his peephole into our world for the right prey. And when he spots a good one, he forces himself into our space and time, evading the Akaesman patrol, invading his chosen one. He spreads his evil to everyone, one by one, male and female, changing them forever into his image’

Not only is her songwriting ability gone from this moment but also her life as she knows it.

Can anyone explain what has happened to her? Can she rid herself of it, Can she re-build her life and be herself again? 

I will be honest I was reluctant to read this book at first when Shireen approached me to review it for her as fantasy is not my cup of tea. After reading it, I’m still not sure where I stand on this genre! Shireen has written a book packed full of emotion and really gets over to you the struggle that this girl is facing without the support and love of her friends around her, and boy what a struggle she has. As the story progressed, I started to lose my compassion for the lead as I wanted more from her, I wanted her to help herself more but that is the point of the whole story and the part I had difficulty in understanding. I imagine anyone who loves fantasy novels with spirits that they can’t see etc would really enjoy this book. My little brain has trouble grasping anything that isn’t real!!

It’s a strong story that flows really well. Loved the Grandmother character and the cat Smokey was adorable!

Thank you Shireen for sending me a copy of this book and I am really glad I did read it.

You can find out more about Shireen by following her on twitter @ShireenJ or via her website


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4 responses to “She – SHIREEN JEEJEEBHOY

  1. Hi Lou, thanks so much for posting this review–and well done for tackling something that you knew was out of your comfort and empathy zone. I think you tried really hard to get into this book and do it justice, and that makes you the brillian reviewer you are. I am quite a fan of fantasy and might well give this book a try as you’ve thoroughly intrigued me. Way to go! x

  2. Lou, Nicky said it well. A good reviewer is able to set aside personal bias and get to the heart of any novel. I can imagine the incredible challenge this presents and you manage to find a way to effectively write an intelligent and helpful review. Kudos!

  3. Thank you so much for reading my novel SHE. And thank you for your kind review!

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