Highland Storms is the sequel to Trade Winds written by Christina Courtenay and the 3rd book that she has written.

We join this book with Killian Kinross’s son Brice in 1754. Desperate to get away from the betrayal of his brother Jamie, Brice jumps at the chance to get away when his Father has the need for him to head from home to their Scottish highland family estate.

Upon arrival at Rosyth is clear to see that the Estate is not being run as it should and is falling apart around them and monies missing, Colin Seaton the Estate Manager has his own agenda.

The new Laird instantly notices the very beautiful red-headed and curvy House Keeper Marsaili. Spending half her time trying to move away from the advances of the local men folk she is somewhat surprised when she very much drawn to the Laird.

An unlikely pair as he’s made it quite clear he is happy to be single, they quickly become allies which is just as well with so many enemies around desperate to get Brice to leave the Estate by any means.

Can Brice get control back of the Estate? Can he gain the trust of everyone that lives and works on the Estate. Can he second guess Seaton and stop him destroying him and everyone dear to him?

I was very excited to receive this copy of Highland Storms from the publisher Choc Lit as I really enjoyed Trade Winds and I wasn’t disappointed. Christina has written a wonderful sequel following on with new family members but still weaving in old names and faces as the story develops and not forgetting a very devoted dog!

There is a gorgeous mix of adventure, romance and elements of humour in places all set in the Highlands of Scotland. Beautifully written with a very quick pace to the story (well I did read it less than two days!) that I just couldn’t put down.  Whilst I think I know the answer to this, I can’t help hoping the Kinross family saga’s continue! Can’t decide who is the more dreamy of Hero .. Kinross the Father in Trade Winds or Brice in this novel .. both sound utterly yum!!

Thank you Christina for another fab story .. I’m fast being a big fan of your work!

You can find out more about Christina by following her on twitter @PiaCCourtenay or the Publishers @ChocLitUK or via their website http://www.choc-lit.co.uk/



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5 responses to “Highland Storms – CHRISTINA COURTENAY

  1. Thank you so much, Lou, I’m really pleased you enjoyed Highland Storms (and Trade Winds)! I too have trouble deciding which of the heroes I like best – the roguish Killian or his gorgeous son. Soon the choice might become even harder though as you’re right – my thoughts are now turned towards writing the story of Brice’s brother Jamie … 🙂

  2. This sounds absolutely wonderful. You know me and the Highlands, my favourite place! I’m asking for Amazon vouchers for my birthday and Christmas this year as there are several books I have my eye on. This one and the prequel have just gone on my list. Thank you for the recommendation, Louise.

    Christina, good luck for successful sales.

    CJ xx

  3. This book has got everything going for it – it’s a sequel to the wonderful Trade Winds – it’s theme is Scottish – and the cover (as usual with Choc Lit) is fabulous. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the review Lou!

  4. Thank you Crystal and Janice – hope you enjoy them both!

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